EvidenceStdIII.B III.B.1.a-1toIII.B.1.b-13



III.B.1.a-1 Brentwood Center Lease Amendment-November 2009
III.B.1.a-2 Fifth Amendment to Lease for LMC Brentwood Center 05Sep2013
III.B.1.a-3 CCCCD Maintenance Plus-Buildings and Grounds Work Order Request System
III.B.1.a-4 Computer Labs Spreadsheet spring 2014
III.B.1.a-5 CCCCD Final Report District Technology Plan with Appendices
III.B.1.a-6 fall 2013 Flex At a Glance-Sorted by Date Updated Draft 07Aug2013
III.B.1.a-7 Professional Development Workshop Enrollment spring 2014
III.B.1.a-8 LMC Employee Satisfaction Survey with comments-spring 2014
III.B.1.a-9 Staff Use of Facilities Forms for L109
III.B.1.a-10 External Facilities Use Forms-Pool, Recital Hall and Football Field
III.B.1.a-11 LMC Five-Year Facilities Scheduled Maintenance Plan 2013-2017 November 2013
III.B.1.a-12 Business Procedure 5.01, Scheduled Maintenance and Special Repair Program
III.B.1.b-1 Slip, Trip and Fall Checklist
III.B.1.b-2 Completed Work Orders
III.B.1.b-3 Keenan Inspection Report LMC 2013
III.B.1.b-4 CUPA Report 2012-2013
III.B.1.b-5 SGC Minutes 092513
III.B.1.b-6 LMC Safety Committee Draft Charge from SGC 25Sep2013
III.B.1.b-7 Evacuation Assembly Site Areas
III.B.1.b-8 Evacuation Safety Monitor Flow Chart
III.B.1.b-9 Location of AED Machines and Personnel Trained
III.B.1.b-10 LMC Evacuation Chairs Location and Personnel Trained
III.B.1.b-11 4CD and LMC Campus Alert System Webpages Screenshot
III.B.1.b-12 Project Recycle Requirements 1505
III.B.1.b-13 LMC-4CD Access Database (ADA Transition Plan)