EvidenceStdII.C II.C.1.b-1toII.C.1.c-16



II.C.1.b-1 ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education 2000
II.C.1.b-2 Contact-Ask a Librarian Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.b-3 Reference Statistics February 2012-April 2013
II.C.1.b-4 Library Workshop Assignments and Handouts spring 2012
II.C.1.b-5 LIBST 018 Course Outline of Record
II.C.1.b-6 CAS Pilot Assessment spring 2013
II.C.1.b-7 Center for Academic Support Comprehensive Program Review
II.C.1.b-8 How to Apply for DSPS Services
II.C.1.b-9 Library and Learning Resources Program Review Objectives 2011-2013
II.C.1.b-10 SPCH 110 Course Outline of Record
II.C.1.b-11 Instructional PSLOs Incorporating Information Literacy Competencies 2012-2013
II.C.1.b-12 Alternate Media Handout 1 Jaws Basic Lesson 2
II.C.1.b-13 Alternate Media Handout 2 K3000 Scanning Worksheet 1
II.C.1.b-14 Alternate Media Handout 3 LRNSK 70 Speech Recognition DRAGON
II.C.1.b-15 Library Group Study Room Assessment Results-December 2008
II.C.1.c-1 National Library Week Video Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.c-2 Library Patron Counter spring 2012-fall 2013
II.C.1.c-3 Library Circulation and Reference Desk Statistics 2007-2012
II.C.1.c-4 CCCCD Library Catalog Before and After June 2012
II.C.1.c-5 EBSCO List A-Z Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.c-6 Brentwood Center Millennium Reserve Circulation Procedure Training
II.C.1.c-7 Collecting Fines Brentwood Training via III October 2011
II.C.1.c-8 A-Z List of Library Electronic Resources Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.c-9 Library Home Webpage Screenshot Sample March 2014
II.C.1.c-10 Center for Academic Support Schedule Booklet-spring 2013
II.C.1.c-11 Computer Lab Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.c-12 MESA Room SC-202 Tutoring Schedule spring 2014
II.C.1.c-13 Student Tutoring Evaluation Form
II.C.1.c-14 Electronic Resources Access Webpage Redesign after spring 2009
II.C.1.c-15 Library A to Z List of Journals and Magazines
II.C.1.c-16 CCCCD OPAC Refresher Collaboration with DVC and CCC April 2012