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Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Los Medanos College Noncredit Certificate of Completion


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In Contra Costa County residential and commercial construction projects are expected to grow, thus requiring a labor force skilled in the various construction trades such as carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and more. Upon successful completion of this pre-apprenticeship program, students will earn the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) certificate from the North America's Building Trades Unions and will be ready to take the test to enter a union apprenticeship.


 This noncredit program includes the following courses:

        CONST-010N-8803     Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Fundamentals                                        T/TH     6:30pm-9:20pm     ONLINE        B. Candrian     1/22/2024-5/17/2024

An introduction to the construction trades presented in partnership with the Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council.

This noncredit course is based on the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) developed and approved by the Building Trades National Apprenticeship and Training Committee. This comprehensive pre-apprenticeship curriculum presents an introduction to the construction industry and trades awareness, construction health and safety, tools and materials, heritage of the American worker, diversity in the construction industry, blueprint reading, and employability skills. This course is part of a certificate that provides students with nationally-recognized industry credentials to address in-demand workforce skills. 

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CONST-012N-8804     Applied Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Skills                        Saturday    8:00am-2:35pm    CC3-506    K. Nelson      1/22/2024-5/17/2024

Hands-on skills training in on-site lab where students practice construction procedures and skills using hand and power tools.

This course provides students with hands-on experience in the construction trades. Students will participate in individual and/or group projects on and off-campus, building a variety of small residential type structures. This course is part of a certificate that provides students with nationally-recognized industry credentials to address in-demand workforce skills.


Check class schedule for current offerings


Blueprint and tools
Construction Blueprint and Tools
What you will learn:
      * Construction Industry Orientation
      * Tools and Materials
      * Construction Health and Safety
      * Blueprint Reading
      * Basic Math for Construction
      * Heritage of the American Worker
      * Diversity in the Construction Industry
      * Financial Literacy
      * Green Construction



Program Costs

These three courses are "noncredit" and students pay $0 in tuition. Other college fees (parking, student union, and activity) do apply. Also, a mandatory $100 certificate fee will be collected at the beginning of the courses for "Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3)" certificate issued by North America's Building Trades Unions. All construction students are required to have their own personal protective safety equipment that will be discussed the first day of each lab. Materials fee to be determined. 

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Wood Construction Projects


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 For additional questions regarding the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program, please contact:

   Brooke Candrian
   Lead Construction Faculty