Workforce & Economic Development

Connecting Campus to Community and

Students to Opportunity

Mission of Workforce & Economic Development

The mission of the Workforce & Economic Development Department is to support the equitable success of all students and departments by:

  • Stewarding external workforce partnerships and aligning their evolving needs and resources with those of internal programs
  • Developing and sharing labor market data college-wide to inform decision-making
  • Incubating new programs and pathways that advance career and transfer opportunities for students
  • Providing comprehensive outreach and success services to special populations
  • Managing grants and investments that support interdisciplinary activities

 Vision of Workforce & Economic Development

The vision of the Workforce & Economic Development Department is that all LMC students are the preferred candidates for high-demand, high-wage careers because they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the current and future needs of the economy.

In order to accomplish our Mission and achieve our Vision, the Workforce & Economic Development Department team operates across disciplines and throughout the college and larger community. We support students, faculty, and industry by balancing our focus between current conditions and future expectations. Through the use of data and community engagement, we provide information and context for changing and emerging economic conditions.  Workforce & Economic Development supports all majors, helping ensure successful outcomes for all students regardless of their educational and career goals. Some students will transfer to universities to gain the advanced skills and degrees needed in their fields, while others will enter the workforce after completing certificates or Associates degrees that align to in-demand middle-skill jobs.  These middle-skill jobs are projected to make up 30% of all jobs in California by 2025 (see video below for more information about middle-skill jobs).  By deepening the connections between campus and the community, we will expand opportunities for all LMC students. Please Contact Us to explore ways that our work can meet your needs!

Success in the Economy video funded by Orange County Career Education