(Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education)


Educational Support Grants – grants issued to CARE students who meet the following grant eligibility guidelines:

  • In good-standing with EOPS
  • Enrolled in 9 units 
  • Has unmet need according to LMC Financial Aid
  • Current in meeting EOPS semester requirements

Childcare – Assists in paying the cost of childcare at the Los Medanos College Child Study Center (based on available funding and after student first pursues assistance through the County)

Personal Development Workshops – Students are encouraged to attend CARE workshops that seek to enrich life experiences, personal development, parenting and self-care

Food Pantry Collaboration - The EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs departments have partnered with the LMC Marketplace to make sure that students have access to free groceries and snacks!

LMC MarketPlace

Student Parent Resources