World Languages Program Assessment




Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)


At the completion of the World Languages Program, a student will:


  1. Be academically prepared to transfer to a World Language program at a four-year university.

  2. Communicate with native speakers of the target language in written, spoken or signed language at the novice/ intermediate level.

  3. Understand and interpret the written, spoken, and expressed language at the cultural or figurative level.

  4. Analyze target culture as presented in class with mainstream culture and interact in culturally appropriately ways with native speakers of target language.

  5. Extend target language use within the community for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

PSLO Assessment Report Summary


What we looked at:

Our assessment research focused on PSLO #2, and PSLO #3. The World Languages full-time and adjunct faculty developed assignments and assessments focusing on receptive, written, and expressive skills.Instructor designed assessments for specific languages were administered mid-term and/or as part of final exams.


What we found:

As a result of the outcome assessment review, full time and adjunct faculty in the World Languages Department recommend the need for students to improve their  level of writing proficiency in the beginning first semester of the target language. Additionally, students need to improve their level of proficiency in receptive and expressive skills in American Sign Language.


What we are planning to work on:

We will improve students’ learning (level of writing proficiency) in the following ways: (1) Students will respond to oral and visual prompts by producing unique writing in the target language. (2) Using the Natural Approach to Language Acquisition, students will generate original sentences reflecting their creative ability to write and incorporate the correct syntax and grammar at the level of proficiency of first semester college level language.

We will improve students’ (level of receptive/expressive proficiency) in the following way: (1) Respondingto instructor prompts, visuals or other student expressive skills students will perfect receptive and expressive skills.

We plan to look at student created presentational skills using target language.