Appliance Service Technology Program Assessment




Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)


At the completion of the Appliance Service Technology Program, a student will:


  1. Demonstrate problem solving techniques used in troubleshootingappliances and  make an estimate of what will have to be done to complete the repair.

  2. Use written or oral service directionsused in the appliance field to locate service information, demonstrate mechanical knowledge by diagnosing the failure and replacing the proper component.

  3. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to take and pass the federal EPA exam required for employment in the Appliance field.

  4. Demonstrate skills needed for entry level employment in the appliance field by passing an industry employment test (Certified Appliance Professional) and obtaining a job in that field.

PSLO Assessment Report Summary


What we looked at:

A students ability to demonstrate problem solving techniques used in troubleshooting to determine whether you have an electrical or mechanical failure in an appliance and how to isolate the cause.  Locate service materials electronically to diagnose an electrical problem using a schematic diagram and sequence chart.  Can students successfully troubleshoot and diagnose problems found in appliances.  In this case use a machine diagram to determine the cause of the failure.


What we found:

88% (36 out of 41) students in APPLI 14 & 15 were at or above proficiency, 12% (5 out 41) students were below proficiency in locating service materials and using a circuit diagram.  85%  (35 out of 41) students in APPLI 14 & 15 were at or above proficiency, 14% (6 out of 41) students were below proficiency in troubleshooting and diagnosing repair problems.


What we are planning to work on:

To raise the meets proficiency provide more in lab one on one help in trouble shooting appliances, more in class instruction on how to locate and use manufactures service information in troubleshooting and put more schematic on troubleshooting on Blackboard for practice.