Computer Science Program Assessment




Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)


Students who have completed the Computer Science program at LMC will be able to:


  1. Apply their knowledge of general computer hardware and software concepts to thedescription, configuration and operation of modern microcomputers.

  2. Demonstrate a professional level of proficiency with a broad array of computer applications software.

  3. Demonstrate the ability to configure a new microcomputer, install operating systems software, and install and configure an array of applications software.

  4. Use techniques and skills learned in the program to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair a variety of common microcomputer problems.

  5. Communicate effectively with other computer personnel in a multitude of technical environments.

  6. Demonstrate the ability to analyze problems and develop effective solutions.

  7. Apply their knowledge of systems analysis and design to the analysis of requirements for developing computerized systems, and develop action plans for implementing a solution, utilizing an appropriate programming environment.

  8. Be technologically proficient to obtain entry-level or mid-level positions and pass certification exams in the Information Technology industry.



PSLO Assessment Report Summary


What we looked at: Our assessment research began with looking at thestudents’ application of their knowledge of general computer hardware and software concepts to the description, configuration and operation of personal computers. However, in looking at the data the more important issue became the mode of course delivery: online vs. in-person.


What we found: 69.2% (9 out of 13) students in COMSC 010 and 94.4% (17 out of 18) students in COMSC 061 were at or above proficiency. But more importantly, 32 students were not assessed in the half semester, completely online section of COMSC 010, demonstrating an extremely low retention rate. Only 3 were not assessed in the semester length, in-person course COMSC 061. Also, many students took COMSC 010 to fulfill the college’s then Computer Literacy requirement, rather than considering a program in computer networking, and consequently dropped the class.


What we are planning to work on: When the State course descriptor for COMSC 010 is published this course will be redesigned as a hybrid or completely in-personcourse with “hands-on” labs.


Recommendations for students: All students should consider whether an online course is well suited to their learning style and strengths.