Behavioral Science Program Assessment




Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)


At the completion of the Behavioral Science Program (Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology) the student should:


1.  Understand connections among disciplines and apply interdisciplinary approaches to

problem solving.

2.  Think critically and creatively.

3.  Possess a worldview informed by diverse social, multicultural, and global perspectives.


PSLO Assessment Report Summary


What we looked at:  Our assessment focused on PSLO #2.  The Behavioral Science faculty developed an assignment and an assessment rubric that applied to all Behavioral Science disciplines.  The rubric was used to assess the level of mastery for PSLO #2.  Student assignments addressed how the different disciplines in the behavioral sciences utilize research in the fields of  anthropology, psychology, and sociology.


What we found:  The results indicated nearly all of our students were proficient in critical and creative thinking.  The faculty assessed 105 students and 87% of the students were at high or medium proficiency level.


What we are planning to work on:  The Behavioral Science faculty has been working on developing additional critical and creative thinking questions for classroom discussions in anthropology, psychology, and sociology.  We plan to incorporate these questions in our classes so that students can continue to meet high proficiency levels in future assessments.