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English 210:
Introduction to Latino Literature and Its Latin American Roots

Ever wonder what makes a Latino writer different from a Chicano writer? Or a Chicano writer from a Latin American writer? In this class, you'll learn about how and why writers identify themselves as Latino, Chicano, Latin American, or Afro-Latin American by reading stories, poems, plays, memoirs and novels from Latino and Latin American writers. We will learn about the literature from Latin America by exploring time periods, literary movements, and stories that help make up the rich literary history of Latin America. Then we'll discover how that rich Latin American tradition has developed and continues to develop into the strong presence of Latino and Chicano literature in the United States today. This course is open to anyone interested in learning more about Latino and Latin American literature. SC LMC: ADR: Ethnic/Multicultural Studies; Arts and Humanities; DA Transfer: UC; CSU Gen. Ed. Area C2; IGETC Area 3B

English 114 Creative Writing: Introduction to Story

Do you have stories you’re longing to tell?  Do you have worlds and characters you’re longing to create? In this class, we will learn the craft of good story-telling on the page, whether that is fiction or creative non-fiction. We will read authors from diverse backgrounds who write in diverse styles, and we will write from our experience and our imagination, and explore the boundaries between the two.  We will engage in drafting, supportive feedback in workshop, the revision process, and consider what it means to be creative.  We will spend time on the personal essay, an important form that can assist you in writing scholarship and transfer application essays, and important in its own right. You will get to choose from reading your work to the public, self-publishing your work, or both.