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High School Counselors: 
Wondering which GE courses LMC Counselors may recommend? Here are a few!

ADJUS-110 Intro to Criminal Justice 

ASTRO-010 Astronomy 

ART-005 Visual Art

ART-006 Ancient Art History 

ART-007 Medieval / Renaissance Art Hst 

ART-008 Early Modern Art History 

CHDEV-010 Child Growth and Development

DRAMA-015 Multicultural Perspectives in Theater  

DRAMA-016 Theater Appreciation 

DRAMA-030 Chicano-Mexican American Cinema

ECON-005 Economic History of U.S.

HIST-029 US History Before 1865 

HIST-030 US History After 1865
MUSIC-012 Popular Music in American Culture

PSYCH-010 Individuals and Social Processes