Counseling Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a counseling appointment?

    We offer in-person and online counseling appointments. Appointments can be made by stopping by the Counseling Department Office (4th Floor, Student Services Center) or electronically by clicking Speak with a Counselor Now. Please be aware that you must be a current student and will need your LMC student ID number in order to book an appointment.

  • What services can a counselor provide during a drop-in service? 

    A drop-in service is not a counseling appointment. Rather, it is a service the counseling department offers for those students who may have a quick question about courses or services offered at LMC. During these 15-minute sessions, the counselor is able to answer any questions related to your success at LMC that does not require accessing your personal student file or academic educational plan.  

  • What services can a counselor provide during a counseling appointment? 

    Students who have an appointment booked with a counselor can receive one-on-one assistance with educational planning, reviewing transfer program requirements, graduation status updates, assistance with academic renewal, personal counseling, and/or career related counseling among other services. 

  • What counseling courses does LMC offer? 

    The counseling department faculty offer a wide range of courses including: 

    • COUNS 030 - Orientation to College
    • COUNS 031 - Educational Planning 
    • COUNS 032 - Introduction to Career Exploration 
    • COUNS 033 - Transfer Planning
    • COUNS 034 - College Success
    • COUNS 035 - Theories and Applications of Learning in College
    • COUNS 036 - Career & Life Planning 
    • COUNS 038 - Managing Anxiety & Stress for College Success

    COUNS 045 - MESA/STEM Scholars Success 

  • What if I have outside transcripts I would like evaluated or reviewed for applicability at LMC? 

    We encourage students who have outside transcripts (that is transcripts from other colleges) to send official copies of those to the LMC Admissions & Records office and submit a Request for Transcript Review. Once an evaluation has been completed, the student will receive an evaluation report which can then be reviewed with a counselor during an appointment to access progress towards your academic goal. 

  • What is the difference between a certificate, an Associates of Arts (AA) or Associates of Science (AS) degree, and an Associates Degree for Transfer (ADT)?

    A certificate is available for students who wish to earn the minimum qualifications in order to begin working in a given career field and/or pathway. These can require as little as 3 units for completion or as many as 48 units for completion and do not require students to satisfy the LMC general education requirements for graduation. For a list of the certificates that we offer at LMC, please review the annual college catalog on our website or our degree listing web page

    An AA or AS degree is a two-year college degree that is awarded by LMC that states you have completed the general education and major prep requirements within a given program of study to earn a college - level degree. Many student who earn an AA or AS degree often can apply for entry-level positions in various industries towards enhancing their career prospects. For a list of AA/AS degrees that we offer at LMC, please review the annual college catalog on our website or our degree listing web page

    An ADT is available for selected majors that require a student to complete transfer general education requirements in addition to the major required courses. We offer ADT's in a number of majors for students and if completed, it also can mean that you are eligible to transfer into the 4-year university system and attend a CSU, UC, HBCU, private, or out-of-state institution with junior level status. We encourage students interested in earning an ADT to meet with a counselor to discuss your options and the necessary steps to achieve your educational goal. For a list of ADT degrees that we offer at LMC, please review the annual college catalog on our website or our degree listing web page

  • What are the general education (GE) requirements at LMC?

    GE are those courses that are required in order to be awarded ANY associate degree from LMC. Regardless of which associate degree you are pursuing at LMC, all GE coursework must still be completed. Below are our current general education requirements (this information can also been found in the LMC catalog. It is recommended that students meet with a counselor to verify if selected coursework is applicable towards general education.

  • How do I earn an associate degree?

    In order to earn an associate degree from LMC you must complete all of the following:

    Associate degree general education (GE) coursework
    Specific major-related coursework; review current LMC catalog
    Total of 60 degree-applicable units

  • What are CSU/UC transferrable courses?

    The lower division courses that are completed at LMC, that are applied towards the required units to obtain a bachelor's degree, are considered CSU/UC transferrable. These courses are marked in our LMC catalog with “CSU” and/or “UC” notation directly under the name of the course. Also, courses are identified at

  • What are the degrees/certificates offered at LMC?

    Visit the degrees and certificate page for all the areas of study and awards we offer.


  • How many units do I need to be a full time student?

    Any student registered in at least 12 units for the fall and spring semesters is considered full-time. During the summer semester, students registered in at least 6 units are considered full-time.

  • How many units do I need to get a degree or transfer?

    60 units of degree-applicable coursework are required in order to be awarded an associate degree from LMC. All degree-applicable coursework will be marked with “LMC:DA” in the LMC course catalog.

    60 units of transferrable coursework are required to transfer to any CSU or UC within the state of California. All CSU/UC transferrable coursework will be marked with “TRANSFER: CSU/UC” in the LMC course catalog.

    Those students who desire to transfer into a private, Historically Black College or University (HBCU), or out-of-state institution are highly encouraged to contact the counseling office to schedule an appointment.

  • What does IGETC mean?

    The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a pattern of courses that students can follow to satisfy lower-division general education requirements for any CSU or UC campus. However, IGETC is NOT advisable for all transfer students depending on the selected major. It is highly recommended that students meet with a counselor to determine the appropriate general education option for their transfer goal.

  • What are the requirements for admission into the LMC Registered Nursing (RN) program? 

    LMC offers a highly competitive Associate of Science degree in Nursing. Students who are awarded this associate degree and pass the NCLEX state examination are eligible to become a licensed RN in the state of California. For the most up-to-date admission program information, we encourage all perspective RN students to review the LMC RN Handbook at least once a semester. 

  • What are learning communities and how can I join? 

    Learning communities and Special Programs are cohort-based programs that offer exciting experiences and strong support designed to help you be successful in achieving your academic goals!

  • How do I enroll at LMC?

    Here are the steps for completing an online application. In order to receive a priority registration date, all steps must be completed. Once an online application has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your admission to LMC.

  • How do I get access to forms such as Petitions to Repeat, Academic Renewal, Graduation Petitions or Transcripts Evaluations?

    Many forms are available via the LMC website for students to review. Visit the current list of forms on the Admissions and Records website.