Counseling Services

Counseling Resources & Policies

Mission Statement

The Counseling/Student Services Department embodies a comprehensive, student-centered approach. We believe in fostering the strengths of our diverse student population and working collaboratively with all student services to empower students in their educational process. We believe in cultivating shared responsibility in navigating the educational system that results in positive student outcomes and personal growth.

As a result of the student's experience with this service,
the following outcomes will be achieved:

  • Students will be able to clarify their educational goals after meeting with a counselor during express counseling.
  • Students will understand how to reach their educational goals after meeting with a counselor to complete the educational plan.
  • Policies & Procedures

    Late Arrival Policy
    As a courtesy to other students, faculty and staff, you are expected to arrive on time to counseling and workshop appointments. However, we do understand that unexpected events may arise. Students who arrive no more than 10 minutes after a scheduled appointment will be allowed to attend the scheduled appointment. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after their appointment will be required to reschedule their appointment. Please be advised that appointments will not be extended due to late arrival.  It is best practice to check-in 10-15 minutes prior to the student's appointment or scheduled workshop. 

    No Show Policy
    Please contact the Counseling Department at (925) 473-7449 in advance if you will be unable to attend your appointment or scheduled workshop. Our support staff is more than willing to reschedule or cancel an appointment given prior notice. If you do not attend a scheduled appointment or workshop, you will be marked as a No Show.

    Picture Identification Requirement
    Please bring picture identification (i.e., high school, college, passport, driver’s license) to check in for your scheduled counseling appointment. If you do not present a picture identification the counselor will be unable to share your student records during the academic counseling appointment.

    Student Record Privacy (FERPA)

    Environment and Safety
    In order to provide the most effective one-on-one academic counseling service during your scheduled appointment please be mindful of the following:

    The counseling offices can only accommodate one or two people in the session. Due to confidentiality (FERPA),  only the student scheduled will be allowed to attend an academic counseling session. As an option, the scheduled student may give verbal consent to allow a parent/guardian or friend to attend the session. To minimize distractions and to promote safety, no children are allowed in counseling sessions. 

    Other College Transcripts and Processes

    Requesting Transcript Evaluations
    Prior to making a counseling appointment your transcript will need to be evaluated. Students can mail or drop off sealed official transcripts to the Admission and Records office located at the student services building 2700 E Leland Road Pittsburg CA 94565 for evaluation. Pre-requisites can be cleared with an unofficial transcript by the Admissions Office. 

    LMC accepts transcripts from institutions (e.g., colleges, universities, and high schools) currently recognized by regional accrediting organizations as recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. 

    For international transcript evaluation please follow the procedure outlined by the LMC Admissions Department.

    Processed Evaluation Requests
    In order for your outside transcripts to be reviewed in your counseling appointment we recommend you scheduling a 1 hour appointment and bring in your copy of the evaluation for the counseling appointment.  Please call to schedule a 60 minute appointment. 

    In order for your outside transcripts to be reviewed in your counseling appointment  you must:

    1. Complete a transcript evaluation form
    2. Submit official transcripts to admissions and records
    3. LMC Admissions and Records will email a copy of your evaluation to your Insite email address
    4. Bring a copy to your scheduled 60-minute counseling appointment

    Enrollment Purposes: Reviewing unofficial college transcripts
    For enrollment purposes (specifically in the registration period) schedule a 1 hour counseling appointment to review your unofficial college/university transcript in order to assist with pre-requisites, general education (G.E.), and *course equivalencies from one institution to the other. Please be advised that counselors can only use unofficial transcripts to assist with planning  of one semester. It is your responsibility to contact the Admissions and Records Office to obtain an official evaluation, and complete the evaluation process by meeting with a counselor to develop a comprehensive educational plan. 

    *course equivalencies (Only California Community College system, CSU and UC undergraduate will be reviewed) 

    Student Record Privacy (FERPA)


    Counseling Appointment Guidelines
    What type of Appointment is right for you? We offer drop-in counseling (15 minute) for quick questions. We also schedule 30-and 60-minute counseling sessions. Please see the examples below:

    • 10-15 Minute Drop-In or Express
      • Answer Quick Questions
      • Articulation Questions (i.e, 4CD’s course equivalencies)
      • Assessment future appointment
      • Campus Referrals
      • Check 3SP process and components
      • Course Scheduling Questions
      • Form consultation (i.e., change of major form, graduation form, academic renewal etc.)
      • Navigating websites
      • Admission and Records processes
      • Financial aid awareness
    • 30 minute Appointments
      • Abbreviated education plan
      • Change of major and update ed plan
      • Academic Renewal
      • Graduation Application/Skills Certificate
      • Local Degree audit or certificate
      • Exploring Transfer Schools
      • CSU/UC Application Assistance
      • Scholarship Assistance
      • Career Strategies Advisement
    • 60 Minute Appointments
      • Transcript evaluations
      • Financial Aid Appeals
      • Comprehensive educational plan
      • Starfish features/notes/flags
      • Comprehensive/transfer or multiple degrees Audit
      • Crisis or personal counseling
      • Distance Counseling
      • Major/Career Exploration (assessment)
      • Letters of Recommendation
      • GPA calculation and explanation
      • Degree audit
      • Assist with lateral transfers and requirements
      • Graduate programs information
      • Multiple transcript evaluations
      • Program Specific Needs (DSPS, EOPS)
      • Workshops


  • Downloadable Documents
  • English & Math sequencing