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Located at the Pittsburg campus in the Student Services Complex, Level 4

M – Th, 9am - 5pm; Friday 9am -1pm

(925) 473-7449

LMC Counselors

Last Name

First Name


Population/Learning Community


Adina Nila Articulation Pittsburg
Ajani Akeem  General Pittsburg
Basbas Chrissa  General/EOPS Pittsburg
Bennett Carrie DSPS/Veterans Pittsburg
Boyle Jessica  Puente Pittsburg
Campos* David General Pittsburg
Costanza Elizabeth EOPS Pittsburg
Gage T'Sendenia  General  Pittsburg
Ghiselli Nina DSPS/General/ Department Chair Brentwood
Godinez* Marco General Pittsburg
Lindgren Haydee DSPS Pittsburg
Mack* Michelle Athletics Pittsburg
Mathis-Payne LaVora General Pittsburg
Morales* Luis Honors/General Pittsburg
Padilla* Eva  ESL/General Pittsburg
Patria Rahul  General Pittsburg
Pon Melissa MESA/ Department Chair Pittsburg
Ramirez* Sophia General Brentwood
Reyes David Transfer Academy Pittsburg
Rose Rudolf EOPS/CalWORKs Pittsburg
Walker Synitha  General Pittsburg
Watkins Faith UMOJA/General Pittsburg
Welter Tiffany Career Technical Education (CTE)  Pittsburg
West Brittney K-12 Pathways Pittsburg
Westbrook Nicole Student Retention Pittsburg
Wright Sharlice Student Retention Pittsburg

*Bi-lingual: Spanish