LMC Business Services


  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Colleague Assistance for Budget Reporting
  • Budget Transfers & Journal Entries
  • Restricted Fund Budget Forms
  • Check Writing (Revolving Account, Student Clubs and Trust Accounts)

Forms available in SharePoint in Business Services – Public/Purchasing. SharePoint can be accessed through the Insite Portal or Microsoft mail.4cd.edu login.

Purchase Requisitions:

Purchases requiring a Purchase Order need to be requested through email. Please attached a valid quote/estimate. In the body of the email include a brief description of purchase and a GL number. The respective supervisor will need to be included in the email request (cc) as form of approval.

Journal Entries/Budget Transfer Requests:

All requests need to be submitted through email. Include description of transaction, GL codes, amounts, and attached any required documentation needed as backup.

Budget/Expense Reporting:

All inquiries regarding Budget and Expense reports need to be submitted through email.

Student Club Check Request/ Trust Account Check Request/ Revolving Cash Claim Request:

Scan and email the request along with required back up. The request form must include all required authorized/approved signatures prior to processing. All payments will be mailed only. Include the complete mailing address. Once processed, a copy of the form will be returned electronically to the requester.

CONCUR Travel:

To request user access to Concur travel, employees must complete the Concur application and agreement form. A Concur Travel Authorization (CTA) form must be completed and signed prior to booking all travel through Concur. CTA form must be submitted to Business office within 3 days after booking. All travel requests require Cabinet review and approval. 

All travel booking needs to be compliant with District’s adopted Travel Restrictions.

Contract Request Form (BP 9.45):

Contract requests submission will be accepted electronically.


Melissa Inzunza  Accountant, Grants,  925-473-7346  MInzunza@losmedanos.edu