LMC Business Services


  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Colleague Assistance for Budget Reporting
  • Budget Transfers & Journal Entries
  • Restricted Fund Budget Forms
  • Check Writing (Revolving Account, Student Clubs and Trust Accounts)

Forms available in SharePoint in Business Services – Public/Purchasing. SharePoint can be accessed through the Insite Portal or Microsoft mail.4cd.edu login.

Purchase Requisitions:

Purchases requiring a Purchase Order need to be requested through email. Please attached a valid quote/estimate. In the body of the email include a brief description of purchase and a GL number. The respective supervisor will need to be included in the email request (cc’d) as form of approval.

Journal Entries/Budget Transfer Requests:

All requests need to be submitted through email. Include description of transaction, GL’s, amounts, and attached any required documentation needed as backup.

Budget/Expense Reporting:

All inquiries regarding Budget and Expense reports need to be submitted through email.

Student Club Check Request/ Trust Account Check Request/ Revolving Cash Claim Request:

Scan and email the request along with required back up. The request form must include all required authorized/approved signatures prior to processing. All payments will be mailed only. Include the complete mailing address. Once processed, a copy of the form will be returned electronically to the requester.

CONCUR Travel:

All non-essential travel is suspended. Any upcoming CONCUR reservations should have now been Canceled. If any cancellations were unsuccessful, please send related documentation for billing reconciliation. CONCUR Statement charges will be continued to be processed, Any Outstanding travel charges that is missing backup or inconsistent with the Concur Travel Authorization form with be communicated through email.

Contract Request Form (BP 9.45):

Contract requests submission will be accepted electronically.

  • BP 9.45- Contract Request Form.pdf (on SharePoint)


Melissa Inzunza  Accountant, Grants,  925-473-7346  MInzunza@losmedanos.edu