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Budget Request Database Spring 2021 (BRD)

RAP Request Deadlines:

Fall- Requests must be submitted to LMC Business Services by September 30th

Spring- Requests must be submitted to LMC Business Services by the end of March

To submit a budget request, simply:

  • Complete the form
  • Route the electronic form to your department/program supervising manager for review and electronic signature
  • Submit the completed, signed request to Business Services for entry into the BRD

You will receive an email confirmation from Business Services, once your request has been reviewed and entered into the BRD (usually within 10 days). 

Below are helpful tips for filling out the budget request form:

  • Complete the entire form – incomplete forms may delay acceptance and/or approval of your request
  • Be sure to connect your request to an Educational Master Plan objective –  https://www.losmedanos.edu/planning/LMC_EducationalMasterPlan2020-2025_Final.pdf   (see pages 39-46).
  • To facilitate the review of your request, include concise and clear narratives and supporting data
  • Position classification information can be found on the District website at:

    Classification Specifications (4cd.edu)

  • Salary schedule information is also available on the District website:     
     SALARY SCHEDULES (4cd.edu)

  • Benefit projections change each year, so please check with LMC Business Services for the most current budgeted percentages
  • Actual estimates or price quotes are encouraged, but not required

Questions? Contact:

Jinpa Tharchin  Business Services Supervisor  925-473-7342  jtharchin@losmedanos.edu

Melissa Inzunza  Accountant, Grants,  925-473-7346  MInzunza@losmedanos.edu