LMC Business Services


LMC Payroll is dedicated to assisting our staff and faculty with payroll related inquiries and needs. 
  • Time Cards/SS Time Entry
  • Absence Reports
  • Intercollegiate Coaching Contract Payments
  • Short-Term Hourly tracking
  • Payroll Forms (Direct Deposit, Withholding, Payroll Deduction Authorizations)
  • Hourly Academic Payroll (AC/C teaching, substitutes, other)
  • Student Employment Processing
  • PID (Position ID) Request

Forms available in SharePoint in Business Services – Public/Payroll. SharePoint can be accessed through the Insite Portal or your Microsoft mail.4cd.edu login

Time Cards:

Please submit Timecards to your departments/managers by the provided monthly deadlines. Managers will then review and sign. Once signed, managers will then email completed Timecards to  LMC Payroll. The district has provided PDF versions of all Timecards, these can be located in the SharePoint, Business Services - Public/Payroll folder. 

Time Entry and Absence Reports:

These applications are accessible online through Insite and will need to be certified and approved by the Payroll Monthly deadlines.


Paychecks are available for pick up every Pay-day (usually 10th) of the month at the Cashier's Office from 9am to 3pm. If the 10th falls on a weekend or Holiday, they will be available the Business Day before. Paychecks will be available for pick up on Pay-day and the business day after the Pay-day, after which they will be mailed to address of record.


Direct Deposit Authorization

LMC Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

W-4 Federal Withholding

DE-4 State Withholding


College Payroll Technician;  (925) 473-7343,  LMCPayroll@email.4cd.edu