Photography Classes

Painting with light photo

The courses are designed teach the basics of good photography and to take advantage of the leaps in technology that have put some amazing digital imaging within reach of darn near everyone.

In addition to learning traditional photographic techniques like effective use of shutter speed and how to work with depth of field, you’ll also learn to work using Photoshop as a “darkroom” to create digital photos that reflect classic photographic values. Most importantly, you’ll learn to see—and think—like a photographer.


  • What camera do I need?

    For the first two assignments almost any camera will work. But after those you’ll need an adjustable camera that allows you to set the f-stop and shutter speed. This is most likely a digitial DSLR 


  • Can I use my point-and-shoot or smart phone?

    The short answer: Not likely.

    Most point-and-shoot and smart phone cameras don’t allow you to pick your shutter speed or f-stop. Many that do make the process so complicated that you have to be an expert to set things that should be simple. Though you can use one for the first two assignments, you’ll need a more advanced camera for later assignments.

  • Can I use a film camera?

    Technically, yes. However, it is discouraged. We have scanners for students who wish to scan 35mm film, but they are low quality and are very slow to work with. Students shooting film can have the film developed at most photo finishers and then digitize it in our lab. That said, students with digital cameras find they are able to work faster and experiment more because they don’t have to wait for their film to be developed. They also have no film costs. 

  • Do you have a darkroom?
     No. For a number of reasons.
    • We have concerns for environment. We don’t want to dump chemicals down the drain.
    • We want to save students money. Film and photo paper are costly.
    • We want to use current technology.
  •  I’m already a really good photographer, can I sign up for Photo II?
     You are really better off starting in Introduction to Digital Photography. You’ll learn our workflow and get a chance to be a star. Plus, if you really love photography you’ll get to take two photo classes instead of just one.
  • Do I need to be good at Photoshop or computers already?
     Not at all. Experience is never a bad thing, but we’ll teach you what you need to know. That’s why it’s called “school” and not “work.” It helps to be comfortable with computer basics such as saving files and organizing them into folders, but it is not necessarily required.

How do I sign up?
Visit our Welcome to Los Medanos College page for information on how to enroll. When you search the  schedule look in the Art Department for Photography classes. 

I still have questions, who do I ask?

Examples of First Semester photo students' work


By Briana Wheeler

Photo by Armida Salazar

Photo by Armida Salazar

Photo by Kathy Quezada

Photo by Kathy Quezada


Faris wheel

by Kelsy Rivera