Follow-Up Report Evidence


R-1 Accreditation Reaffirmation College-wide Email_BKratochvil 10Feb2015
R-2 Accreditation Website Screenshot-Reaffirm Report and Letter
R-3 Accreditation Steering Committee Agenda 27Feb2015
R-4 Accreditation Steering Committee Minutes 27Feb2015
R-5 Accreditation Follow-Up Report 2015 Timeline
R-6 Accreditation Follow-Up College Assembly Powerpoint-02Mar2015
CR.1-1 Brentwood Student Satisfaction Survey 2015 Results and Comments
CR.1-2 SSSP Plan 13Oct2014
CR.1-3 2015 CCCCO Statewide 2015 Student Success Scorecard
CR.1-4 CCCCO Statewide 2015 Student Success Scorecard
CR.1-5 Brentwood Center Student Satisfaction Survey 2013 Results and Comments
CR.1-6 MHN Brochure
CR.1-7 East Contra Costa County Resources Guide_March 2015
CR.1-8 2015-16 RAP Request for Financial Aid I
CR.1-9 RAP Approvals for 2015-16 Funding Phase I_BKratocvhil Email and Attachment
CR.1-10 Student Services E-Newsletter Jan2015 - Bookstore News Brentwood Center Hours
CR.1-11 Bookstore Brentwood Center Hours - fall 2015 BEstrada Email_25Jun2015
CR.1-12 Probation 2 Workshop Schedule summer 2015
CR.1-13 Reinstatement Workshop Schedule summer 2015
CR.1-14 Announcement of Director of Transfer Services and Career Center_Email DBelman 30Jun2015
CR.1-15 StudentLingo.Com Webpage Screenshot
CR.1-16 General Orientation Website Screenshot
CR.1-17 District Online General Orientation Webpage Screenshot
CR.1-18 2015 Brentwood Center Survey Instrument
CR.1-19 Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes
CR.1-20 Fall 2015 Schedule of Classes
CR.1-21 Brentwood Center Only Enrollment Trends Research
CR.1-22 RAP Proposals for Tutor Program Asst and Math Lab-Classroom Tutor Hours
CR.1-23 Number of Library Check-Outs fall 2014
CR.1-24 Library Workshops Spring 2015
CR.1-25 JCAF Conceptual Building Layout Phase I
CR.1-26 LMC Brentwood Center Science Lab Webpage Screenshot
CR.1-27 RAP Proposal for Brentwood Center Tutoring
CR.1-28 RAP Proposal for 2 additional computers for the Brentwood Ctr Read-Write Ctr
CR.1-29 LMC Brentwood Center Aerial Map Reduced
CR.1-30 Email from City of Brentwood Staff regarding parking
CR.1-31 LMCAS Meeting Minutes 4.27.15 Rev
CR.1-32 Brentwood Center Estimate for Lease of Additional Space
CR.1-33 Layout and Email for 151 Sand Creek Rd Suite G Brentwood Space
CR.1-34 Office Assistant II Job Description
CR.1-35 Outdoor Table Evidence
CR.1-36 Email regarding outdoor table-soft space area at Brentwood Center
CR.1-37 RAP Proposal for additional SMART Room at Brentwood Center
CR.1-38 Student Equity Plan
CR.1-39 Library A-Z Databases Webpage Screenshot
CR.1-40 Library Homepage Webpage Screenshot
CDR.1-1 Chancellors Cabinet Notes_24Feb2015-14Apr2015-26May2015
CDR.1-2 Action Letter from ACCJC_06Feb2015
CDR.1-3 United Faculty Negotiation Notes_06Mar2015-08May2015 and Joint Commission No.1-03Mar2015
CDR.1-4 Management Council Executive Board Meeting Notes_19May2015
CDR.1-5 Email from A. Illich to Gene Huff - 29Jun2015
CDR.1-6 Governing Board Minutes - 09Sep2015


Governing Board DRAFT Minutes - 07Oct2015
CDR.1-8 United Faculty Agreement Contract 2011-2014
CDR.1-9 United Faculty Agreement Contract Appendices
CDR.1-10 Classroom Observation Plan
CDR.1-11 Classroom Observation Form for Classroom Faculty
CDR.1-12 Student Evaluation Form
CDR.1-13 Summary Evaluation Form
CDR.1-14 2014-15 Goals and Objectives Form for Managers and Supervisors
CDR.1-15 Behavioral Skills Evaluation Forms for Managers and Supervisors
CR.2-1 LMC Cycle of Planning and Assessment
CR.2-2 LMC RAP Reporting-Assessment Form FY2013-14