I.B.2-1 Appendix III - spring 2011 SGC Planning Priorities
I.B.2-2 Steps to Complete Interim Plan 01Mar2012
I.B.2-3 Appendix IV - Combined Notes from Opening Day fall 2011
I.B.2-4 Appendix II - Recommendations from the Certificate Degree Task Force spring 2008
I.B.2-5 Appendix V - SGC Study of Big O-spring 2012
I.B.2-6 Contra Costa Community College District Strategic Plan 2014-2019
I.B.2-7 Appendix I - LMC Additional Data
I.B.2-8 Strategic Plan Sessions Input spring 2012
I.B.2-9 Survey Feedback on Proposed Strategic Priorities
I.B.2-10 SGC Minutes 042512
I.B.2-11 Program Review Objective Linked to Strategic Plans PRST Screenshot
I.B.2-12 Program Improvement and Development Rating Form 2013-2014
I.B.2-13 Program Improvement and Development Form 2012-2013
I.B.2-14 EXITO Activity Objectives 29Sep2011
I.B.2-15 STEM Grant Objectives
I.B.2-16 PDAC Strategic Plan 24Oct2012
I.B.2-17 Accreditation Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 02Feb2014
I.B.2-18 Teaching and Learning Committee Minutes 19Nov2013
I.B.2-19 Department Chairs Meeting Agenda and Minutes 01Oct2013
I.B.2-20 Department Chairs Meeting Agenda 04Feb2014
I.B.2-21 Management Council Agenda October 2013
I.B.2-22 Email to Department Chairs on PRST and Institution Set Standards 03Feb2014
I.B.2-23 Institution Set Standards Blank Form Template
I.B.2-24 RN Program Institution Set Standards Completed
I.B.2-25 Interim Strategic Priorities Update Data Presentation PowerPoint 07Apr2014
I.B.2-26 Student Outcomes Studies Academy of College Excellence Webpage Screenshot
I.B.2-27 District Research Report on ACE 20Mar2014
I.B.2-28 LMC Path2Stats Summary fall 2013
I.B.2-29 BSI Completion Resource 18Oct2013