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STEM Grant Personnel

The MESA Director oversees planning and implementation of the MESA Program as they pertain to STEM and state sponsorship. Nicole also oversees all NSF S-STEM Scholars Program related matters, including the tracking and implementation of program requirements and activities, organization of the STEM mentoring program, and recruitment of new scholars.

Contact Nicole for all S-STEM scholarship related matters.

Contact MESA for enrollment or MESA partnership related matters

Melissa is the STEM Counselor responsible for meeting with STEM/MESA students regarding their educational and transfer planning, career direction and transfer applications.

Contact Melissa for STEM/MESA counseling matters. 

STEM Office

The STEM Office staff is responsible for record and bookkeeping, publications, and correspondence within the grant. The office staff assists the STEM and MESA Directors and other staff with operations and administration of programs, events, students and faculty services.

Contact the STEM Office for documentation and paperwork processing matters including projects, purchasing, travel, and payroll.