Singing Competition - over $2,000 in cash prizes

2020 LMC Celebration Vocal Artist Award

*UPDATE 3/29/23* Unfortunately, due to the campus facilities closures and the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community, we have cancelled any further activities and events related to this contest. We are hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to organize the competition and its live singing performances in the future, and that our award semi-finalists may still be available to share their talent with our Bay Area community.

The Los Medanos College Music Department, Vocal/Choral Division and the Celebration Committee is pleased and enthused to announce the first annual LMC Celebration Vocal Artist Award, our inaugural singing competition! Please review the contest schedule, rules, and regulations below:

2020 Los Medanos College Celebration Vocal Artist Award Schedule, Rules, & Regulations

Please direct any questions you may have to the following contacts:

Apply by Monday, March 9th 2020!

  • Celebration Committee Members
    • Professor Silvester Carl Henderson, Los Medanos College Director of Choral/Vocal Activities
    • The six members of the Student Judging Panel
      • Isabella Bishop, Los Medanos College vocal tutor
      • Two TBA LMC vocal students, selected by Isabella
      • Richard Hayes, Los Medanos College vocal alumnus
      • Two TBA LMC vocal alumni, selected by Richard
    • Aaron Nakaji, Music Coordinator
  • Prizes
    • First Place: $1,200.00
    • Second Place: $600.00
    • Third Place: $300.00
  • Schedule

    Round 1

    Applications will be available at the LMC Music Contest webpage. Along with the application, contestants will submit by Email a solo vocal performance of theirs by one of the following methods:

    • A link to an unlisted YouTube video
    • A link to download a video file as an attachment or from a cloud storage service such as One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

    This video will be judged by the Student Judging Panel to select eight (8) semifinalists. Please verify that your video is viewable through variety of video players and mobile devices. Applications that include videos that the Celebration Committee are unable to play will not be accepted. Applications and the performance video must be sent (CC’d) to all of the following Email addresses:

    February 8, 2020 (Saturday) – Applications available for download and submission at

    March 9, 2020 (Monday) – Deadline for application and video submission

    Round 2

    The 8 semifinalists will each have a solo vocal performance at the LMC March choral concert. These performances will be judged by the Student Judging Panel to select three finalists.

    March 13, 2020 (Friday) – Announcement of 8 semifinalists on events webpage and through email, including judges’ comments and additional instructions.

    March 24, 2020 (Tuesday) –  Performance of 8 semifinalists at LMC March concert with live audience (4:00 PM call time, 7:00 – 9:00 PM concert time). All applicants are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Round 3

    The three finalists will each have a solo vocal performance at the 26th LMC Gospel Celebration concert. These performances will be judged by the Student Judging Panels, with recommendations and feedback from the designated Vocal Celebrity guest, to determine First, Second, and Third place.

    March 24, 2020 (Tuesday) – Announcement of 3 finalists at conclusion of LMC March concert, on events webpage, and through email, including judges’ comments and additional instructions. 

    May 2, 2020 (Saturday) – Performance of 3 finalists at LMC Vocal Celebration Concert with live audience (4:00 PM call time, 7:00 – 9:30 PM concert time). Announcement of First, Second, and Third place at the conclusion of the concert. All applicants are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Mid May TBA, 2020 – Prize checks mailed.

  • Competition Rules & Regulations
    1. The vocal contest is open to U.S. citizens aged 16 years and older as of 3/9/20.
    2. No members of the Celebration Committee are permitted to participate.
    3. Contestants must be amateur Bay Area singers or entertainers, otherwise be persons who may be involved within the entertainment industry as singers or entertainers on a part-time basis, and do not belong to any professional organization(s) connected with the entertainment industry. Vocal contestants must not have any albums of any kind out in public. High school and college students are strongly encouraged to apply.
    4. High school students and applicants under the age of 18 must provide written and signed permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate in the competition and its events.
    5. Applications and video submissions for the contest must be received by the due date. Anyone registering after due date will not have a chance to compete.
    6. The Celebration Committee reserves the right at any time to require proof of identity and/or eligibility. Proof of age in the form of a state-issued driver’s license, birth certificate, or U.S. passport will be required by the three finalists by or on the date of the LMC Vocal Celebration Concert. Failure to provide such proof within a reasonable time could result in disqualification from the competition. All personal details and information requested by the Celebration Committee by each contestant must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. The Celebration Committee reserves the discretion to investigate and disqualify any contestant, should the contestant at any stage of the event supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information or should the contestant be ineligible for the competition pursuant to these rules.
    7. By submission of an application and entering into this contest, each contestant represents and warrants his or her compliance with these rules and regulations. No contestant will be permitted to audition or participate unless he or she has acknowledged and agreed to these rules and regulations.
    8. By entering, each contestant agrees that the Celebration Committee and their successors have the right to use their names, likenesses, and images of all persons performing for future advertising, promotion and publicity in any manner and in any medium now known or hereafter devised in perpetuity.
    9. Concert attire should be comfortable and suitable for a vocal competition and performance. No jeans or athletic wear. Shoes worn should encourage a singer’s posture.
    10. Contestants may only perform as a solo act for voice. Songs performed can be from the following genres: Musical Theater, Classical, Jazz, Gospel or Popular.
    11. Songs containing vulgar or explicit sexual lyrics will not be allowed. Contestants who during their performance, use any obscene, offensive, sexual or otherwise inappropriate behavior or gestures, including without limitation those referencing or depicting violence, nudity or explicit activity or which are not in the spirit of the contest or do not meet the Celebration Committee’s standards for any reason, as determined by the Celebration Committee will be disqualified from the competition.
    12. Contestants MAY NOT utilize live props, back-up singers, dancers, or animals. Nonhuman props such as costumes and other accessories are permitted. Contestants may not accompany themselves. The focus of the audience and judges should be on the contestant’s voice.
    13. If unaccompanied, semifinal and final contestants should either supply their own background track on a single CD or Email an MP3 file to same addresses used to submit their application. Background music must be clear of lead vocal singers. All CD music, digital music files, and sheet music must be legally purchased and/or distributed. The Celebration Committee may request proof of purchase of music from contestants before the semifinal and final concert dates, and failure to do so may result in the disqualification of the contestant from further competition.
    14. Finalists who do not have a background track for their final performance must provide a pianist or other accompanist(s) to accompany their performance. The contestant will have the opportunity to rehearse with their accompanist(s) on the day of the concert before the call time (before 4:00 PM, 5/2/20).
    15. Contestants are not permitted to leave the stage or stage area during their performance. This includes singing or dancing within the audience.
    16. The time limit for each contestant during the semifinal and final performances is no more than 7 minutes. No changing of CD’s will be allowed. Songs going over 7 minutes will be shut off.
    17. Contestants may sing the same song as another contestant.
    18. Call time for the semifinal and final concerts will serve as a sound check for all concert participants. No changes in song choice may be made once the contestant has delivered the background CD to the sound person. CD’s must be given to the sound person at or before call time the day of the semifinal and final concerts.
    19. Family members or associates of semifinalists and finalists are welcome to attend performances but MAY NOT record performances. Before or after your performance, contestants will not be present for other contestants’ performances. When entering and exiting the stage, please be prompt.
    20. Contestants and/or their family or associates are not allowed to have contact with any contest judge before or during the competition. Please do not hang out in back of or around the judge’s area.
    21. Contestants and/or their family or associates who exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the competition may result in the disqualification of the contestant from the competition. Offensive behavior includes poor sportsmanship, bad manners and lack of decorum.
    22. The order in which each contestant competes in the semifinals and finals shall be determined by the Concert Director. If chosen as one of the three finalists, you must submit a new song choice on a separate CD for the finals.
    23. Winner of the competition and the order of placement will be announced at the conclusion of the LMC 26th Gospel Celebration concert. In the event there is a tie between semifinalists or finalists, the designated Vocal Celebrity Guest will provide the deciding vote.
    24. Please direct all inquiries regarding this competition to Professor Silvester Carl Henderson, Los Medanos College Director of Choral/Vocal Activities. (925) 565-6107,



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