Articulation Information for High School Counselors

  • What should I know about these agreements?
    • Articulation Agreements may assist many of your students in achieving advanced placement and/or college credit for courses they have taken in high school!
    • Students are encouraged to continue their education, and studies show a greater percentage enroll in college if they have already earned some college credit in high school!
    • Articulated course credits are FREE! Students and their families save time and money!
    • Knowing which agreements are available to your students can also assist you in helping them to make the best possible choices of high school courses.
  • What is my role in the articulation process?
    • Know which of your high school courses are articulated with Los Medanos College, by checking the current articulations regularly.
    • Request a CTE tour for your students here:
    • Request a presentation from the LMC K-12 Pathway Counselor.
    • Attend CATEMA trainings, Articulation round table discussions & Counselor Information sessions.
    • Encourage your high school instructors to find out about articulating appropriate courses with LMC.
    • Assist the instructors at your school that have articulated courses in the process of registering those classes with CATEMA™ and assisting their students to enroll at LMC and create their CATEMA™ accounts.
    • Create your own CATEMA™ account to view Contra Costa Community College District high schools that have articulations, to view the teachers in your high school that have articulated courses and to review which students are in articulated courses.
  • What is CATEMA™?

    CATEMA™ or Career And Technology Education Management Application is the web-based software utilized by the Contra Costa Community College District to award students college credit through articulated high school courses. Once a course is articulated, Los Medanos College provides training for counselors, teachers and students in the use of this secure online application. This system ensures that student records and information remains accurate.

    Counselors, coordinators, advisors and registrars may look up student information in the system. They may verify a student's completions and/or recommendations for advanced credit. They can view a student's complete course history, and registrars can record any advanced credit to be awarded.

    *Register in CATEMA under the "New Teacher" heading. You will be given a choice to list yourself as a counselor.

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