• What is CATEMA™?

    CATEMA™ or Career And Technology Education Management Application is the web-based software utilized by the Contra Costa Community College District to award students college credit through articulated high school courses. Once a course is articulated, Los Medanos College provides training for counselors, teachers and students in the use of this secure online application. This system ensures that student records and information remains accurate. Counselors, coordinators, advisors and registrars may look up student information in the system. They may verify a student's completions and/or recommendations for advanced credit. They can view a student's complete course history, and registrars can record any advanced credit to be awarded.

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Preparing for CATEMA
This tutorial will answer a few questions & help prepare you to register for a CATEMA account & enroll in your teacher's articulated high school class!
Steps: Get Ready to Register for CATEMA
Ways to Retrieve LMC/CCCID#'s
Register for a CATEMA Account (first time users) & Enroll 
This tutorial will take you through CATEMA registration and
enrolling in your teacher's articulated high school class!
CATEMA Student Quick Guide