CATEMA Registration & Enrollment Support

  • What is CATEMA™?

    CATEMA™ or Career And Technology Education Management Application is the web-based software utilized by the Contra Costa Community College District to award students college credit through articulated high school courses. Once a course is articulated, Los Medanos College provides training for counselors, teachers and students in the use of this secure online application. This system ensures that student records and information remains accurate. Counselors, coordinators, advisors and registrars may look up student information in the system. They may verify a student's completions and/or recommendations for advanced credit. They can view a student's complete course history, and registrars can record any advanced credit to be awarded.

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  • CATEMA FAQ's for Parents/Students & Teachers

    Do students have to have a CATEMA account in order to receive college  credit for their articulated HS class?

    • Yes, students must apply to LMC to obtain BOTH a CCCID# (state community college account) AND an LMC Student ID# (local community college ID#) in order to create a CATEMA account. Credit is ONLY recommended THROUGH CATEMA!

    What grade will be on the student's college transcript for an "articulated HS class"?

    • Since students must earn either an "A" or "B" on the Final Exam in order to be recommended for articulated HS college credit, only an "A" or a "B" will be on their college transcripts. (Note: for Career Seminar/Push classes, the final exam grade is a "P" for Pass)
    • No negative grades are ever transcripted in HS articulation classes, if a student doesn't pass or isn't recommended for credit the college  doesn't even keep track of it.
    • NOTE: Students will see a notation on their transcript which says "credit earned by exam" if credit is recommended through CATEMA.

    How long do students have to "claim" the credit they earn in an articulated HS class?

    • IMPORTANT! Students may ONLY claim credit in THE ACADEMIC YEAR that it was earned (Aug-June) and it MUST be THROUGH CATEMA!
    • The college no longer accepts paper applications and students must go through the CATEMA registration process in their high school class AND be recommended for credit by their teachers.
    • Teachers recommend credit and enter their grades into CATEMA by June 15th each year and then the data is processed by June 30th for students to receive transcripts by July 15th.

    Is articulated HS college credit transferrable to UC/CSU's?

    • Similarly to "AP" credit, HS articulated classes MAY be transferrable to UC/CSU. Check with the college for verification.
    • We HIGHLY suggest students keep a copy of the actual Articulation Agreement for the class which is an excellent supporting document for requesting that an articulated class be accepted for transferablility.