CWEE Orientation

NOTE: Cooperative Work Experience Orientations are required for all first-time CWEE students. Choose the day, time and place that best fits your schedule. Select your orientation by completing the online application:  

SPRING 2022*

Orientation Schedule

Date/Time Location
Wednesday, May 25th @ 1-2 pm  Zoom
Thursday, May 26th @ 3-4 pm  Zoom
Wednesday, June 1st @ 2-3 pm  Zoom
Thursday, June 2nd @ 12-1 pm  Zoom
Wednesday, June 8th @ 4-5 pm  Zoom
Thursday, June 9th @ 10-11 am  Zoom
Wednesday, June 15th @ 2-3 pm  Zoom
Thursday, June 16th @ 3-4 pm  Zoom
Tuesday, August 16th @ 2-3 pm  Zoom
Wednesday, August 17th @ 4-5 pm  Zoom
Wednesday, August 24th @ 2-3 pm  Zoom

*Child Study Center Interns will have a separate orientation during regular class time*

For further information contact Cynthia Perez-Nicholas at, 925.473.7428.