FAQ's About Work Experience Education

Work Experience Education, or WRKX, is an academic program that is designed to accelerate the career growth of students by combining classroom learning with work experience, employment or volunteer work. Students may be eligible for (1) COOP-160, General Work Experience, or (2) *COOP-170, Occupational Work Experience, or (3) *COOP-180, Occupational Work Experience Internship.

*COOP-170 and COOP-180 courses are listed in the schedule by subject – Administration of Justice: ADJUS-170, Business: BUS-170, Process Technology: PTEC-180, etc.


Each course requires that an agreement be established between the college, the employer and the student to jointly develop work-based learning objectives and to use various mechanisms to evaluate learning outcomes and facilitate the exchange of relevant professional information between all three parties. Work Experience students do not attend weekly classes. In addition to undertaking new learning objectives at work, they complete personally relevant, self-directed, career development assignments according to their individual needs and schedule.

What qualifies as college-credit eligible learning?
Only worksite learning that is new, substantive and measurable can earn college credit. Your worksite objectives must be attainable by the close of the semester, and involve methods that are clear and concrete.

How much college credit can I earn?
Work Experience students can earn up to 4 units per semester and may earn up to 16 units during community college attendance which may be applied as electives toward graduation. . The number of units earned is partly determined by the number of hours a student works on the job or volunteers during the semester. One unit of credit will be earned for 75 hours worked on a paid job or per 60 hours of volunteer work.

Units Per Paid Hours Worked

Units Per Volunteer Hours Worked

1 unit = 75 hours total

1 unit = 60 hours total

2 units = 150 hours total

2 units = 120 hours total

3 units = 225 hours total

3 units = 180 hours total

4 units = 300 hours total

4 units = 240 hours total

Why enroll in the Work Experience Program?
The college credits students earn for their job through Work Experience participation gives recognition to the learning that occurs in the workplace. Work Experience also serves to enhance the communication between the student and worksite supervisor, helping to clarify on-the-job goals or objectives. Academic credit earned through Work Experience can be used to satisfy elective units requirements towards a certificate, AA Degree or CSU System transfer. (See your counselor for further information).

Will I receive a grade?
Work Experience students, General, Occupational or Internship, are given End-Of-Term Evaluations which serve as the basis for their grade.

What if I lose or resign my position?
Participants who stop working prior to the close of the semester of participation should immediately contact both the LMC Employment Center and their Work Experience instructor.

What Work Experience courses are available?

General Work Experience Education


Administration of Justice






Automotive Technology




Child Development


Computer Science


Electrical/Instrumentation Technology


Emergency Medical Services


Fire Technology




Process Technology


Travel Marketing




How do I begin?

Using the links on the upper left of this page:

  • Orientation>Click the Orientation link on the left side of the page to view the schedule for the current term. You will select the day, time and place that best fits your schedule when completing the Online Application.
  • Application: Complete an LMC Work Experience Online Application (Mandatory for all students).
  • Enrollment: Log in to WebAdvisor to enroll in the desired number of units in the appropriate Work Experience course.  
  • Now download the appropriate Work Experience Student Handbook found on the Resources link.. Read the entire handbook carefully paying close attention to developing objectives and due dates for work to be completed throughout the semester.
  • Share the information with your employer to begin developing objectives that will represent new learning and to determine the number of units you wish to enroll in – one unit per objective.  
  • Once you have completed each of the above steps (returning Work Experience students do not need to attend Orientation) immediately contact your assigned instructor. 

For further information contact Cynthia Perez-Nicholas in the Student Services Building, Room 440,, 925.473.7428.