California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids


Academic Progress Report

The Academic Progress Reports are used to gauge a student's academic progress and refer students who are not making satisfactory academic progress to additional on campus resources (i.e. tutoring or social and/or academic intervention). More importantly, it also gives students the opportunity to build relationships with their instructors outside the classroom setting. We encourage students to utilize office hours to network with instructors, as increasing ones academic network ensures greater opportunities in the future.

Fall 2021 Academic Progress Report Due the week of:

No later than 1:00pm on last day. 

CalWORKs Academic Progress Report Form 

Monthly Attendance Form

The Monthly Attendance Form is use to log a student's actual time in class, along with course required lab hours. One form in used to record combined class time and is submitted to our office by the date/time indicated below. This ensures that we are able to process your form and deliver it to the County Offices in a timely manner.  All attendance sheets are due the last day of each month. You can use the following methods to submit:

  • Original Attendance Sheets completed and  turned into our office.
  • Take a picture of the front and back of form than email to the CalWORKs Program Coordinator.

Important Note: 

  • Attendance Forms submitted after the due date/time will not be processed by our office until the following month
  • You must attach your class schedule each time you submit an Attendance Form and it must be dated within the last 48 hours

Additional LMC CalWORKs Forms

Dynamic Forms are available for your convenience (contact our CalWORKs department)