EvidenceStdIII.D III.D-1toIII.D.1.c-1



III.D-1 Board Policy 5031, Fiscal Management
III.D-2 Business Procedure 18.06, Budget Preparation
III.D-3 District Budget Study Session 2011
III.D-4 District Budget Study Session 2012
III.D-5 District Budget Study Session 2013
III.D-6 District Budget Study Session 2014
III.D.1.a-1 Uniform Employment Selection Guide-Appendix A
III.D.1.a-2 LMC's Interim Strategic Priorities (2012-2014) Summary Version
III.D.1.a-3 Governing Board Study Session, 2012-13 Accomplishments toward Strategic Directions November 13, 2013
III.D.1.a-4 Program Review Submission Tool Samples
III.D.1.a-5 RAP Timelline for 2012-2013 Funding
III.D.1.a-6 2012-13 RAP Rating Criteria Classified Staffing Proposal
III.D.1.a-7 Measure A 2002 & Measure A 2005 Bond Update Report 15Jan2014
III.D.1.a-8 2013 A Annual Report to the Community
III.D.1.a-9 DGC Minutes 21Jan2014
III.D.1.a-10 Minutes of Board Finance Committee 04Mar2014
III.D.1.a-11 Fiscal Trends Report for the Period Ended January 31, 2014
III.D.1.a-12 Budget Transfers and Adjustments for the Period October 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013
III.D.1.a-13 Quarterly Financial Status Report CCFS-311Q for Quarter Ended 12-31-2013
III.D.1.a-14 Adoption Budget Presentations 2012-2013
III.D.1.a-15 Budget Forum April 2011
III.D.1.a-16 Budget Forum April 2012
III.D.1.a-17 Budget Forum April 2013
III.D.1.a-18 SGC Evaluation Summary of RAP-spring 2006 Results
III.D.1.b-1 LMC 2013-14 Budget Summary Final SGC 9-11-13
III.D.1.c-1 Board Policy 5033, Budget Development