EvidenceStdII.C II.C.1.d-1toII.C.1.e-20



II.C.1.d-1 Student Workers and Library Assistants Schedule Sample
II.C.1.d-2 Library Evacuation Plan
II.C.1.d-3 Student Shelf Read Areas-spring 2013
II.C.1.d-4 LMC Campus Safety and Security Resources Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.d-5 Computer Lab Refresh and Re-Imaging Process
II.C.1.d-6 Computer and Media Support Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.e-1 OCLC Contract-PO# 14789 August 2012
II.C.1.e-2 Access Information for EBSCO Publishing Databases Email 02Dec2011
II.C.1.e-3 EBSCO Renewal Page Sample
II.C.1.e-4 3M Contact Security Gate Self Checkout-November 2012
II.C.1.e-5 Gimlet Invoice Reference Desk Stats March 2014
II.C.1.e-6 Evidence of Standing Orders with Gale Cengage Learning
II.C.1.e-7 Gale Cengage Learning Standing Order Invoice-35% Discount September 2013
II.C.1.e-8 Evidence of Reviewing and Improving Book Vendors Services and Contracts
II.C.1.e-9 Business Procedure 10.06, Acceptable Technology Use
II.C.1.e-10 Software Licensing Table
II.C.1.e-11 Pinnacle Cash Accounting Log Form
II.C.1.e-12 Pinnacle Vending System Maintenance Issues Form
II.C.1.e-13 Rapid Text Remote Classroom Captioning Contract spring 2012
II.C.1.e-14 American Sign Language Interpreters Contract with DSPS 2013-2014
II.C.1.e-15 Alternate Text Production Center of the California Community Colleges Website Screenshot
II.C.1.e-16 California Academic Research Libraries' (CARL) Webinar Information
II.C.1.e-17 Print Periodical Cost per Subject 2011-2013
II.C.1.e-18 Print Periodical Renewal and Usage Projects
II.C.1.e-19 Gimlet Sample Page
II.C.1.e-20 Alternate Text Production Center Advisory Committee Webpage Screenshot