EvidenceStdII.B II.B.1-35toII.B.1-69



II.B.1-35 Transfer Academy News and Events Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-36 Transfer Academy How Can I Join Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-37 Counseling by Majors Project Information
II.B.1-38 Course Schedule Code Summary Report
II.B.1-39 Highlights of the CTE Counseling for Majors Project
II.B.1-40 Counseling Roles in Major Programs
II.B.1-41 Counseling Clusters for Major Programs
II.B.1-42 Groups Counseling vs. Individual Counseling
II.B.1-43 SLO Committee Meeting Minutes 10Apr2014-Schedule of Meetings
II.B.1-44 Student Services SLO Committee Meeting Minutes 17Oct2013-Sample SLO Project
II.B.1-45 InSite Portal Homepage Screenshot
II.B.1-46 Financial Aid Steering Committee Meeting Notes 28Feb2014
II.B.1-47 Request Transcripts Webpage Screenshot and Form
II.B.1-48 LMC FAFSA Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-49 FAFSA on the Web Homepage Screenshot
II.B.1-50 Counseling Appointment Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-51 Schedule of Classes Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-52 College Catalog Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-53 LMC Bookstore Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-54 Assessment Sample Questions and Study Guides Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-55 New Student Online Orientation Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-56 Counseling E-Advising Services Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-57 Employment Center Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-58 Center for Academic Support Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-59 Reading and Writing Consultations Appointments Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-60 DSPS Home Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-61 DSPS Program Review 2013 - Student Survey Form, Results and Comments
II.B.1-62 LMC Brentwood Center Student Support Services Survey fall 2013
II.B.1-63 Planning Committee Agenda 06Mar2014
II.B.1-64 Distance Ed Committee Meeting Agenda 03Mar2014
II.B.1-65 SGC Minutes 26Mar2014
II.B.1-66 New Student Orientation Content Online
II.B.1-67 Student Planning Copy of Link Webpages Screenshot
II.B.1-68 Retention Alert and Planning Seminar
II.B.1-69 Ellucian Retention Alert Information