Travel Marketing Program

Online Class Information

Exciting placesThe Travel Marketing Program at Los Medanos College provides a unique opportunity for a comprehensive travel education as well as the chance to interact with travel enthusiasts like yourself, from all over California and beyond!  We are as excited as our students about the options provided by attending class online! But do not get the wrong idea -- our online classes are very interactive, and you will not be attending class in a void. You will be actively communicating and sharing information with the instructor, the other students, and (occasionally) given the opportunity to learn from guest "speakers" who are industry experts . Our students give us rave reviews! We invite you to try this exciting (and flexible) way of learning about the world of travel!

For a quick overview of our online travel classes, download this PowerPoint presentation. For commonly-asked questions about our online format, see our FAQ Sheet. For general information about our travel program, or for specific questions about our online classes, please email Debbie Wilson at

A few times a year we offer an Online Orientation to our travel program. This online orientation is completely free, and all you need to participate is a telephone and an Internet connection. For information about the next online orientation, email Debbie Wilson at

Completely Online Travel Certificates!

We have been offering all of our classes online since Fall 2007 -- and with excellent results! Our students consistently give us an A+ for convenience, flexibility, and relevance!

Our online courses are not self-paced. We pace you every week so that you complete the course work on schedule! The advantage of an online class is that you have flexibility to "attend" class at anytime of the day or night that suits you during the week. And as long as you are "connected", you can travel all over the world and still attend class! 

Getting Started in the Program -- Beginning Classes

Travel 72 - Introduction to Travel (offered every semester)

If you are new to Travel and want to learn about the travel industry or find out if this is a good career for you, this is an excellent course. All beginning travel students should include Travel 72 in their first semester curriculum.  The textbook we will be using is Travel Career Development, 10th edition. This text may be ordered from The Travel Institute using a special online order form: Please email Debbie Wilson at with any questions when you have enrolled for this class. 3 units

Travel 76 - Travel Sales and Marketing (may be offered more than once a year, depending on demand)
Learn effective techniques of customer-oriented sales to succeed in a competitive industry. Develop sales skills so that every client is a satisfied and repeat client. Learn how to promote yourself and the travel product. A "must take" course for success in selling travel. May be taken concurrently with, or following, Travel 72. The required text is Travel Career Development, 10th edition (the same text that is used for TRAVL 72). This text may be ordered directly from The Travel Institute using their special online form: Please email Chris McGill at with any questions when you have enrolled for this class. 3 units

Travel 82 - All About Cruising (offered once a year, usually in the fall)
This comprehensive course will cover most cruise lines as well as many individual ships.  It will also review various cruise destinations and ports.  It will emphasize how to qualify clients in order to match their needs to a particular cruise.  May be taken concurrently with Travel 72. Please email Chris McGill at when you have enrolled for this class, or for questions.  3 units 

Destination Classes (offered on a rotating basis) 
Destination classes may be taken any time.  They may be used to fulfill the destination specialist requirements, and/or they may be taken as elective courses. 1.5-3 units each 

 North America (3 units)
Western Europe (3 units)
Hawaii (1.5 units)
Alaska (1.5 units)
Caribbean (1.5 units)
South Pacific (1.5 units)
Mexico (1.5 units)

Second Semester

Travel 95 - Advanced Travel Concepts (offered once a year, usually in the spring)
This course will take you further into practical application of basic skills.   You'll learn how to use the Internet to do in-depth research, and you'll explore various options for booking travel.  We'll talk about comparing and recommending tours, locating unique accommodations, partnering with suppliers, and promoting yourself and your business.  Assumes basic knowledge of travel terms and concepts. Completion of TRAVL 72 (Introduction to Travel) or equivalent, is strongly advised. Please email Debbie Wilson at when you have enrolled for this class or if you have questions. 3 units 

cruise ship image

Travel 77 -- Customized Vacation Planning (offered once a year, usually in the spring)
This course will give you the tools to research, design and price customized trips. You will develop skills in using online resources to research itineraries for individual travelers, groups, and incentive tours. You will learn how to plan a complete itinerary, select appropriate vendors, finalize the arrangements and promote the tour. This is a required course for the Cruise Specialist Certificate. Basic knowledge of travel industry terms and concepts assumed. Completion of TRAVL 72 (Introduction to Travel) or equivalent, is strongly advised. Offered once a year, usually in spring.  Please email Chris McGill at when you have enrolled for this class or if you have any questions. 2 units


Travel 130 -- Home-Based Travel: Launching Your Business (1 unit)
Travel 131 -- Home-Based Travel: Success Factors (2 units)

These two courses are musts for students who are planning to become independent travel counselors. They are core courses for the 17-unit Home-Based Travel Certificate.

Travel 114 -- Group Travel Management (1.5 units)
This course will help you grow your business and increase its profit potential by developing group travel. Learn where to find groups, how to market and promote them, how to work with suppliers, and how to manage the entire process.