Travel Marketing Program

What They are Saying...

Carol liked the practical experience. 

"The online classes I have taken include real-life scenarios that have helped me learn practical solutions to everyday projects in the travel industry. As a new travel advisor, I have been amazed at the parallel issues I was facing in my daily "real" work and in the weekly assignments in my online classes. This online "experiential" learning has given me experience and confidence that has helped me so much in my job as a working travel advisor. On more occasions than I can count, my class homework assignments were so similar to something I happened to be dealing with in my real travel business, it was almost eerie."

 Kathy was attracted by the opportunity for interaction:

 "I specifically chose to study Travel Marketing at LMC because of the very fact that the program is online and learning is interactive. I did not want a self-guided learning experience for this part of my education. I feel it's been a valuable and exceptionally good learning opportunity and honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made for my career. I'm very thankful to be a part of this program."


Kyle appreciated the ability to share his classmates' experiences in real-time.  

"With online, people are forced to respond more than they would in class and post pictures of their personal experiences. I enjoyed looking at everyone's travel and reading their comments of what they were doing at that specific moment. I think this is one of those classes that is perfect for online because you can be traveling and share with the rest of the class what you are doing. I feel I have learned more than I would have in class face-to-face."

 Amanda liked the convenience. 

" I LOVE online classes. As a full time employee I find that online is much more convenient for me and my schedule. There are days that I can post/read at 7 in the morning or at 7 at night and still I'm getting the instruction that I need. I'd have to say that I spend more time online "participating" than I ever did in a traditional classroom and I'm spending more time absorbing the information. A lot of that I think has to do with the fact that, while given deadlines, I am still learning at my own pace."

 Lauren enjoyed the discussions. 

"I haven't been to school in many years but I really liked the online class because it is so flexible allowing me to work and not having to worry about being to school on time. I enjoyed the discussion boards; I probably conversed more on the discussion boards than I would have in a classroom. I think I learned more online than I would have going to school and just hearing a lecture. On-line is much more hands-on; you have to figure more out for yourself. I liked the independence you get from learning at your own pace on-line."

 Roger valued the flexibility.

"I spent a good amount of time on line to complete the assignments, but having this class on line made it possible for me to dedicate that time researching for the information and learning about the Travel Industry. The online course gave me the flexibility to study, participate in the class and do my homework after finishing my regular full time job, with no pressure to drive and get to a regular class on time. I plan to take additional classes on line."

 Elizabeth liked the freedom of attending class regardless of location. 

"I love the online format! For me, this is the only way to go! I live too far from Los Medanos to attend in person classes regularly. Also, it saves so much time not having to go to class! I am still able to interact with [the instructor] and the students, but at the most convenient time for me! It's so freeing, especially when you already have a full time job. I am impressed with this program and intend to go on the complete the program now because of the positive experience in the class and because I am very interested in the subject matter."