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NOTE: Spring 2024 will be the last semester in which the Travel program will be offered. 

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The innovative, state-of-the-art online Travel Marketing program at Los Medanos College (LMC) provides an outstanding educational foundation for a successful career in one of the country’s largest industries, Travel and Tourism. All of our classes are offered online, so you can “attend” class from anywhere you have Internet access, at the times most convenient to you.

The pandemic has resulted in fewer travel options, but people are very eager to start traveling again, and they are planning trips now and for the future.  Travel advisors will be needed more than ever to help clients navigate the often-confusing and frequently-changing landscape.  

Skilled travel professionals will continue to fulfill their clients' dreams of adventure, of cultural exploration and for just plain fun!  Opportunities abound for specialists in areas such as cruises, adventure travel, family travel, wellness, honeymoons and romance, luxury travel, and group travel.  Check us out -- whether you are exploring the possibilities of working in the travel industry or just want to become a smarter traveler -- we are excited to welcome you! 

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