Travel Marketing Program

horseHow do I get started?

The three-level Travel Marketing program (described below) has been designed with many core courses in common. You will probably choose to take some of the core courses in your first semester, which should include TRAVL 72 (Introduction to Travel). You may also wish to take a “destination course” based on your interest, as different destination courses are offered throughout the year.

Help in planning your classes 

Certificates & Degree In Travel Marketing

We offer a variety of certificates and a degree option to enable you to choose the right one for your personal career goals.

Get a quick overview of requirements for each certificate by clicking on the links below:

Skills Certificate in Travel Marketing (Level 1)
This 12-unit certificate provides the basic knowledge needed to secure an entry-level position in the travel industry.

Certificate of Achievement (Level 2)
This 21-unit certificate provides a well-rounded education to prepare you for a position as a travel professional in the travel industry.

Associate of Science Degree (Level 3)

This degree prepares you for positions with greater responsibility and advancement. Consult an LMC counselor to help plan the steps to complete this degree. In addition, the Travel Marketing Program also offers certificates of specialization to succeed in the travel industry. These Specialist Certificates include: 

Home-Based Travel Specialist Certificate
This 17-unit certificate will help prepare you to serve as a home-based travel consultant, either independently or in affiliation with a travel agency.

Cruise Specialist Certificate
This 8-unit certificate prepares you to sell cruises with greater expertise and confidence. You may work for a full-service travel agency, a cruise-only agency, or operate a home-based business specializing in cruising.

The Los Medanos College Course Catalog includes details about the requirements for each certificate and the AS in Travel Marketing. Descriptions of individual courses are also available as well as the current schedule of classes.

If you have additional questions about our curriculum, please email Debbie Wilson at