A.S. degree in Travel Marketing

This degree can lead to placement in positions of greater responsibility in the travel industry. Consult a Los Medanos College counselor to develop your personal education plan for the A.S. degree.

Complete the Los Medanos College General Education requirements (see college catalog) in addition to the 21-unit Certificate of Achievement as follows:

Complete these Core Courses (11 units):

TRAVL 72 -- Introduction to Travel (3 units)

TRAVL 76 -- Travel Sales and Marketing (3 units)

TRAVL 77 -- Customized Vacation Planning (2 units)

TRAVL 95 -- Advanced Travel Concepts (3 units)

PLUS an additional 10 units as follows:

Destination Specialist Course(s) to equal 3 units

Electives (any other travel courses) to equal 7 units