Outreach & Welcome Services

College Information:

The Student Outreach Office provides general information on all aspects of college admission, registration and academic programs to high school students and counselors, school age children and East County residents in general.  Outreach provides information regarding all segments of higher education in California, including 4-year college admission requirements, with emphasis on the community college system and Los Medanos College.

Enrollment Information:

The Outreach Office, Welcome Desk and Welcome Center also provide registration assistance during the critical enrollment cycle at the beginning of each semester at LMC.  New-to-college students are provided with the steps needed to successfully enroll at LMC.  Returning or re-entry students are also assisted with the application and registration paper work.  All students are provided with class availability assistance, ensuring that students enroll in their desired classes.

For additional information, stop by the Student Outreach Office, Room SS3-319, the Welcome Center, Room SS3-331 or the Welcome Desk. All are located on the lower level of the Student Services Center at LMC. You may also contact us by phone at (925) 473-7430 or e-mail Jorge Cea.

Presentations and Workshops:

Information is provided to prospective students via workshops and presentations at local schools.  Additional workshops and presentations are provided throughout the community via workshops in community centers and educational agencies.  The Outreach Office addresses the needs of middle school students, 9th graders and 10th graders by providing presentations designed to motivate and inform students of the many opportunities available in higher education.