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Re-chartering a Club

Student Life Office

Los Medanos College offers a range of extracurricular activities that provide recreation, entertainment, and other opportunities to get involved with the community and other students. For more information, contact (925) 473-7554 or visit the Office of Student Life located in the Student Union building on the second floor. 

Clubs Policy

Students are encouraged to organize and participate in clubs that reflect their interests. Each group is sponsored by an advisor who helps plan and organize meetings and activities. Because the club activities are not limited to the campus, student members are encouraged to partner with community organizations that have common interests. In this way, the goal of taking the college to the community and bringing the community to the college can be reached. The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is the coordinating body for all clubs and organizations on campus. Participation in ICC is voluntary. Clubs choosing to participate in ICC debate the merits and priorities of community college activities. ICC members recommend the allocation of funds to the groups seeking them and help with activities.

Charter Packet

1. Complete a Club Charter Packet and turn it in to the Office of Student Life.

2. Submit an approved Club Constitution.

3. Have 2 Officers attend the Student Club Leader Orientation.

4. Complete the Club Financial Signature card to be included with the packet


Club Leader Orientations

Fall 2020 Orientations
Email Teresea Archaga to schedule an orientation session for your club

Check the Student Life activities and event calendar for dates and times. Clubs chartering later in the semester will need to schedule an appointment with ICC Advisor Teresea Archaga