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Student engagement & leadership development is one of the many opportunities you will find in the Office of Student Life at LMC. We strive to provide programming and activities that encourage social, cultural, and recreational interactions. 

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Student Grade Appeal Form Process:

  1. Speak with your professor regarding issue with your grade.
  2. If your professor is not in agreement with changing your grade, speak with the Department Chair or Dean.
  3.  If no agreement can be reached, complete the Student Grade Appeal Form with supporting documentation ie. emails, syllabus, etc. and submit completed form with thorough explanation and documentation to the Office of Student Life c/o Teresea Archaga

    Student Grade Appeal Form
  4.  A meeting will be scheduled to review the Grade Appeal Packet with the Director of Student Life.
  5. Once the packet is reviewed, it will be sent to the Office of Instruction for review by the Grade Appeal Committee.

Free Expression and Direct Solicitation/Sales to Staff or Students