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  • Mental Health & Wellness 

    Welcome to our Virtual Relaxation Space
    This is a space is intended to provide a safe and supportive page for visitors to learn coping skills and take time to breath in between classes.

    Los Medanos College cares about you!

    The ability to cope with normal stresses of life, has shifted tremendously since COVID-19. According to a survey conducted by Active Minds, “80% of college students nationwide have reported that COVID-19 has negatively impacted their mental health, and over half say that they don’t know where to go for help”. As we are now months into the pandemic, Los Medanos College acknowledges the emotional and psychological toll that comes with distance education, social isolation, and concern for what the future holds as it relates to your academic success and persistence. There are on and off-campus resources for you to access in your time of need, but we know there is more we can do to support you. We created this survey to take a holistic look at our students with the intent to strengthen counseling and wellness support services currently being offered, as well as expand on our understanding of the experiences our students have in a virtual environment. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and supporting this effort.


    Mindful Breathing: Progressive Muscle Relaxation Video (6 minutes) to help you stay calm in times of stress.

    Integrative Medicine: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (audio only- 18 Minutes)

    Deep Breathing Practice Video  (3 minutes)

    Body Scan Exercise with Jon Kabat-Zinn (30 Minutes)

    Grounding Techniques Handout- (2018)

  • LMC Marketplace

    LMC Market PlaceThe LMC Marketplace is a student-run food pantry that provides food for LMC students, faculty, and classified professionals. The LMC Marketplace is made possible through fundraising efforts, donations, and grants. We are partnered with the Food Bank of Contra Costa County & Solano.

    Learn more about the food pantry

  • Health Insurance

    The American Association of Community Colleges has worked with Student Insurance to provide a Domestic Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan to community college students.  For more information on plans, coverage, and costs you can pick up an information packet in the Office of Student Life (GA Building), or visit Los Medanos College and the Contra Costa Community College District make no formal endorsement of this plan.  These materials are provided for information purposes only.)

    Covered California is the government agency offering subsidized Obamacare plans for California. To obtain more information and obtain a quote, visit