LMC Grads Working in the Industry

The great education I am receiving from LMC's Recording Arts Program has allowed me to work professionally in the field today. There is nowhere else in the Bay Area where I could have received such high quality training, and learn how to work on the same types of digital audio equipment currently being used by many top recording artists. Thanks LMC!
Erin Tadena, Recording Arts Student


  • John Burk - Vice President
    Concord Records
    Multi-Grammy Winner John Burk
  • Kevin Sellars - CD Mastering
    Engineer, Lucas Films
  • Michael Anderson - Staff Engineer
    Fantasy Studios
  • Nancy Sanders - Engineer
    Sound Pilot Studies
  • Sterling James - KBLX Radio Host
  • Willie Samuels - engineer, Studio Trilogy/Green Day
  • Chris Dugan - engineer, U2, Green Day, Grammy Winner
  • Lorin White - FOH engineer, Mariah Carey