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What sets the LMC Recording Arts program apart from others?

Recording Arts at Los Medanos College is one of the finest programs of its kind in the country. Our faculty and graduates have collected over 30 Grammy nominations, 20 Grammy Awards, and numerous other industry accolades.

Instructors are working professionals whose credits include artists ranging from Wynton Marsalis to Robert Cray, Elvin Bishop, the Gospel Hummingbirds, and the national cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera".

The curriculum is geared towards the up-to-the-minute demands of the recording industry for professionals who are knowledgeable about and competent with cutting edge technology.

Who can succeed in this program?

The Certificate of Achievement in Recording Arts is a very rigorous program. The student who will most likely succeed is highly skilled in math, science and reading. All three skills are necessary for success in completing this demanding program. In addition, strong self-motivation will be required.

What are typical earnings ranges for these professions?

These can vary widely, depending on the specialized field and experience over time. A recording engineer working as an apprentice with no experience will make a modest salary, perhaps close to minimum wage. This expands with time and valid work credits to the $60-100 per hour range for studio work. 

Competent mastering engineers, working as independents, can earn considerably more. Producers and developers of content can have very high earnings due to royalties and residuals often associated with their work.

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