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Los Medanos College and three other community colleges; Ohlone, Contra Costa, and Chabot are working together with CSUEB to offer a seamless transition from the ADN to BSN degree. The program begins with enrollment to one of the participating ADN Programs.

The CSUEB Nursing major requires both lower and upper division coursework. The collaborative works to meet all lower division requirements at the ADN level. Maximum credit awarded for Community College Coursework is 105 units. The ADN graduate must meet all CSU admission requirements. Transfer courses used to satisfy pre-requisites must be evaluated by the CSUEB Nursing Admission Coordinator as part of the application process.

LMC nursing students should meet with a counselor at Los Medanos College to review their coursework and eligibility for CSUEB.

Unique Features

A 12-month online BSN curriculum available to Los Medanos College Graduates who have passed the NCLEX exam. Our graduates are awarded twenty upper division college credits for passing the NCLEX. An upper division leadership theory course taught online is taken by the LMC student during their last semester in the ADN nursing program.

The ADN graduate then completes upper division units: new grad program, teaching in simulation/skills lab, preceptorship to meet core competencies. There are options for upper division units in community health nursing courses; clinical placement at employee home care/community service site or at traditional public health department.

For more information, please consult the website or call the Department of Nursing and Health Science (510) 885.3481 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 PM- Seamless Transfer Brochure

Los Medanos College Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Transfer to CSU East Bay BSN 

Pre-Nursing classes at Los Medanos

Fall Year 1 Pre-Nursing

+*English 100-Composition                        3 units

#Math 34- Statistics(Prereq+ Math 30)      4 units

#Chemistry 007 (general, organic & biochem)  4 units       

+Nutrition 55                                                        3 units

Total Units                                                   14 units

Summer-first year--PreNursing

Drama 70     3 units

Spring Year 1 Pre-Nursing

+Bio 40 (Anatomy)                       5 units

*Polsc-10                                        3 units

+Psych 11 (General)                      3 units

+Speech- 40                                    3 units

Total Units                                     14 units        

Fall Year 2 Pre-Nursing

+Biology 45 (Physiology                               5 units

#Hist-29 or 30                                               3 units               

*Music-12                                                      3 units                

*Anthro 6                                                       3 units

Total Units                                                      14 units

Summer –second year-PreNursing

P.E.  1 Units      

Spring Year 2 Pre-Nursing

+Bio 50 ( micro-pre-req, chem 7)   4 units                 #Ch.DEV 10                                       3 units

#Phil 42 (comp religions)                3 units     

#English 221 (Adv. comp, critical thinking) 3 units    

*PE activity                                                    1 unit

Total Units                                                  16 units

Eligible to apply to Los Medanos or CSU East Bay

+Prerequisites LMC Nursing Program (sciences must be completed by end of fall – “none in progress”)       

*Satisfies AA/GE graduation requirements

#Meets CSU/GE graduation requirements

 (This roadmap does not include possible basic skills courses in Math and English-See catalog)

Los Medanos Associate Degree in Nursing Program

Fall Year 1 Nursing

RNURS 22 (Fundamentals)                              9.5 units

RNURS 23 (Nursing Skills Simulation I)              1 unit

RNURS 24  (Pharm)                                         1 unit___

Total Units                                                    11.5 units

Spring Year 1  Nursing

RNURS 26Nursing in Health & Illness I         9.5 units

RNURS 27Nursing Skills Simulation II             1 unit

RNURS 28Pharmacology for RN Program II     1 unit___

Total Units                                                 11.5 units

Fall Year 2 Nursing

RNURS 31  Nursing in Health & Illness II         9.5 units

RNURS 33  Nursing Skills Simulation III            1 unit

RNURS 34 Pharmacology for RN Program III  _ 1 unit___

Total Units                                                    11.5 units

Spring Year 2 Nursing

RNURS 30Leadership/Management               9.5 units

RNURS 36Nursing in Health & Illness III         1 unit

RNURS 38Nursing Skills Simulation IV            1 unit

RNURS 39Pharmacology for RN Program IV _ 1 unit__

Total Units                                              12.5 units                      

BS in Nursing at CSU East Bay

Summer Quarter:  Upper Division Social Science, Humanities and Science Courses = 12 u

Fall Quarter CSUEB

N3505,3507,3509-bridge  12u   

N2005-patho            _____ 4u_

Total                                   16u

Winter Quarter CSUEB

N3502 Cont Care           2u

N3503 Phy/Assess        3u

N4203 Research            2u

Upper Div GE                 4u

Humanities (C2)            4u_

Total                             15u

Spring Quarter CSUEB

N4207/08 Community          6u

N4301/4305 Preceptorship  6u    

History and Gov.                   4u_

Total                                    16u

How Do I Apply to Los Medanos College Associate Degree in Nursing Program?
The application instructions are available on the Nursing Program website at We admit students once a year in the fall.  Application dates for Fall 2013 are Jan 2 – March 1, 2013.  Students must complete and submit the RN Program Application and submit necessary transcripts.  View website for current application process and Nursing Applicant Handbook.

Admission Requirements for Los Medanos College:

Los Medanos College has a four semester Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program.  Students are admitted once a year in the fall. Program admission is contingent upon meeting all minimum requirements. Eligibility for fall 2013 students must complete general education (GE) courses prior to enrollment. It is strongly suggested that the General Education courses and Graduation Requirements be completed prior to entering the RN Program. 

Prerequisite Courses:  These courses must be completed by end of Fall semester 2012.  An overall 3.0 grade point average is needed in the prerequisite courses to qualify for the applicant pool.  Prerequisite course grades of less than 2.0 or “C” are not accepted.

Prerequisite Courses: 

ENGL 100                   College Compositions

MATH 30 or higher    Intermediate Algebra

BIOSC 40                    Human Anatomy*

BIOSC 45                    Human Physiology*

BIOSC 50                    Intro to Microbiology* #

PSYCH 10 or 11         Gen Psych.  (Psych 11 preferred)

*BIOSC 40, 45 & 50 courses do not have a recency requirement.

#Microbiology has a chemistry prerequisite.

TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Requirements for Los Medanos College:

A minimum composite score of 62% on the TEAS version V, with no more than one unsuccessful attempt is required.  Information can be obtained from the LMC Nursing Applicant Handbook located on the LMC website at  or at  

How Do I Apply to CSU East Bay’s ADN to BSN program?

The ADN to BSN Advanced Placement Option is a 12 month intensive program. All courses are on-line except for the Community Health Practicum and the Health Assessment Course.  The program begins with enrollment to the upper division Leadership Theory Course that is taught on-line while the students are in the last semester of the ADN program.  Incoming ADN students will be awarded 20 upper division college credit units for passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

Eligibility:  1) Enrollment in an ADN program &  2) Meet all CSUEB admission requirements

For more information and the download of the application, go to:

Applicants must complete two applications for CSUEB (University & Department) by November 30 of your 3rd semester in your ADN program:  1) The CSU admission application (fee) & 2) CSUEB RN-BSN supplemental application (no fee).

BS in Nursing Degree Requirements                                                             

Maximum credit for community college course work   105

Upper division granted nursing credit (passing NCLEX)   20

CSUEB nursing courses(See roadmap above in shaded green)   39

Other required courses (9 Upper Division GE units and 4 units of an elective)  16

Total units required for B.S. degree  180

For more information: e-mail:
Phone: 510 885-3481
Fax: 510 885-2156
Consult: and click on ADN-BSN program link