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Digital Advertising Specifications

There are multible ways to advertise your event to the LMC campus. LMC marketing can help you create graphics but to speed up the process you can create your own.

Below are some specifics when creating graphics for the various mediums. Make sure to keep your graphics simple with only the necessary words of what the event is, when it takes place as where. You're event may only be seen for a couple seconds so make sure the content is brief.

Web editing tip! 
If you are using a gallery asset on your website to advertise events keep image width & height in pixels consistent in size to avoid awkward page jumps when the slides transition.

If you need help in sizing your images please contact web support for help.

LMC Event Gallery Asset

The home page event slider also appears in other areas throughout our website. Image dimensions are optimized to share on on instagram so therefore all images must be square. 

Black in STEM
Art Exhibition
View the Baseball Schedules
Film screening - Feb 26
Resume Writing workshop - Feb 28
Note that all event images must have something to click to for more information. In other words you must have a web page developed so that when the ad is clicked there is more information available. There is no need to add the URL to the image because the image is meant to be clicked.

Unlike many Instagram images keep your images simple and brief in the amount of text. Think one call to action click.

We only display events that are open to all members of the LMC community on the LMC homepage. For example if you are hosting an information session you must have a page on the LMC website that talks about the event and it must be open to everyone at LMC to attend. 

We do not advertise club activities on the home page of the LMC website but we will post it to our social media channels (Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). You must supply the artwork.

Campus TV screens

Signage example


Advertisements can be displayed all the TV monitors at the Pittsburg and Brentwood campus locations. The image display slot is 1280 x 720 pixels. If you have an image for the display or need one designed please contact web support.

Advertising on InSite

There is a slideshow widget available to us to advertising upcoming events and information that relates to all students. The LMC marketing department can help design the banner for you but we require a lead time of at least 1 week to get the banner created and posted for optimal viewing. 

The requested banner ad must also have an associated web link for more details relating to the event.

If creating the ad yourself it can be an animated GIF or JPG but keep in mind the final file size can not exceed 32K otherwise will be rejected by the system.

Insite banners: 570 x 180 GIF or JPG  (Must be under 32k)

Past Examples

Welcome week

ban ex2



Placement of banner is dependent on the screen size of the viewer and how they arrange their tiles.

Insite screen

Social Media Advertising

Due to the variety of ways to advertise on social media please consult LMC marketing for a consultation on what to post and the rules behind posting.