Marketing & Media Design

Marketing & Media Design serves

  • to inform students about Los Medanos College programs, services and events that are resources to achieving their educational goals and thus contributing to their learning and success.
  • to inform employees about issues and events that help them be effective in their roles to support student learning.
  • to keep the community aware of Los Medanos College so that it will support the college and participate in partnership opportunities.
  • to create high quality messaging with exemplary writing and design within budget.

Major projects include:

Resources for Faculty, Staff and Administrators:

  • Resources such as digital letterhead, table drapes, vinyl banners, signage
  • Imagery such as the logo, photographs of students/staff/faculty/buildings
  • Consultation services for flyers, posters, promotional text for print or web
  • Training and support for web page development and content upkeep
  • Video production/consultation
  • LMC homepage and InSite banner ads  to promote special events/special programs (not courses)/announcements/institution-wide initiatives
  • Public relations, press releases, main media contact & coordination
  • Resources available: digital letterhead, branding style guide & writing style guide