LGBTQ Resources

Los Medanos College LGBTQ Out List


The Los Medanos College Out List has been created to help build awareness of the diversity and strength that make up the LMC community of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other queer and gender fluid individuals. We are part of your everyday lives and we are proud to be part your community of support here at LMC. Additionally, knowing queer people helps one move beyond stereotypes and discrimination. You can’t always know someone else's sexual orientation or gender identity just by looking at them. This invisibility is one of the reasons that discrimination against LGBTQ people exists.

The following out LGBTQ faculty, staff, and managers are committed to being a visible presence of the queer community at Los Medanos College. With this Out List, we stand as proud representatives of a welcoming, open, diverse and public community, and offer our leadership on campus

Name Title Department Office Email
Bearden, Joshua Faculty History, LGBTQ Studies CC2-216
Brown, Gregg Faculty English CC2-293
Figliulo, Mary Faculty Computer Science C.S. Dept.
Green, LD Faculty English, LGBTQ Studies CC2-286
Hiltbrand, Joellen Faculty English, LGBTQ Studies MA-134
Isham, Mark Faculty Transfer & Career Services SS4
Litowitz, Lindsay Classified Professional Student Life SU228
Lynn, Morgan Faculty English CC2-286
Magante, Marie Faculty Math MA-140
Payne, Piper Faculty Recording Arts R.A. Dept.
Pon, Melissa Faculty Counseling SS4-421
Rose, Rudolf Faculty Counseling SS4-431A
Louis Steers, Star Faculty Speech Communication BRT 114
Ryan, Clarissa Faculty ESL CC2-224
Simpson, Michael Classified Professional Admissions & Records SS3-303
Westhale, July Faculty English English Dept.
Wood, Catt Classified Professional Library Library