Los Medanos College - HOSTS

Investing in education is an investment in everyone’s future. As the state budget continues to falter, and tuition fees continue to rise, it is more and more difficult for students to bear the full cost of their education without some help. Enter HOSTS – a program that allows donors to help a student afford college without demanding a large financial commitment from the donor.


A HOSTS donor commits to a $500 contribution to help one student with their educational expenses. The scholarship bears the donor’s name and each donor has an opportunity to meet the student they sponsor. There is no obligation beyond the initial HOSTS donation.

There is no limit to the potential achievements of one student receiving an education. Invest in HOSTS and together we are “Helping One Student To Succeed”…and making a difference.


Did You Know?

A single contribution of $500 to Los Medanos College Foundation’s HOSTS Program will provide one LMC student with almost a full semester of tuition costs or pay for most books and supplies for a semester. By signing up for HOSTS your gift will change lives.


and, Did You Know?

Most community college students work at least part-time while attending college. This reduces student success rates as students take more time to get through school. Supplementing their college costs with a $500 donation allows students time to focus on their studies and reduce financial stress!


What Does HOSTS do for the student? 

Once a student is referred, they have the opportunity to receive up to $500 to assist with the cost of books, supplies and/or tuition fees.


What Does HOSTS do for the donor?

The donor gets a chance to make a difference in students’ lives; a chance to help them succeed, and as the donor your name goes on the scholarship.


How Does the HOSTS Program Work?  

Make a $500 donation to the Los Medanos College Foundation; provide the name you would like associated with your gift, and feel good knowing you have just made a difference in a student’s life. You will have an opportunity to be a HOSTS donor again the following year!