Foster Youth

Foster Youth Success Team


To increase access, retention, and graduation rates for current or former foster youth at LMC. Our goal is to make the college experience more positive and rewarding by providing effective support services to assist students in completing their educational goals.

Foster Youth Success Team Members

  • T'Sendenia Gage, Student Success & Retention Programs, Program Coordinator
  • Rachel Anicetti, Transfer Center Coordinator
  • Jeffrey Benford, Dean of Counseling & Student Support
  • Alejandra Chamberlain, Contra Costa County Office of Education
  • Esperanza Ellis, Contra Costa County Office of Education
  • Catherine Fonseca, Adult Education Transition Specialist
  • Don Graves, Contra Costa County Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP)
  • Letta Greene, Student Success & Retention Coordinator
  • Tamara Green, Student Equity Office
  • Haydee Lindgren, DSPS/Counseling
  • Dionne Moeller, Opportunity Junction
  • Eva Monteverde, Financial Aid Specialist
  • Peggy Peters, Admissions & Records
  • Kim Wentworth, Librarian