Enrollment Management

Guiding Principles

Adopted in Oct 2019

We ensure each student’s retention, persistence, and success through collaborative and data-driven decision making. As we work to ensure that we remain fiscally viable, we keep our students’ and community’s needs at the center of all we do.  


Access, Equity, Inclusion, Dignity and Respect

Los Medanos College focuses on equity through student learning and success by centering inclusive practices and prioritizing the engagement of our students, employees, and community. 


Meeting the Community’s Needs 

In collaboration with the community, Los Medanos College is building a plan that meets the academic, civic, career and workforce needs of our region and is responsive to the changing social and economic landscape in which we operate.


Student Centered Curriculum, Course Scheduling, and Student Services

Los Medanos College is committed to offering quality programs with clear educational pathways to ensure the course scheduling process has a student-centered focus aimed at providing access, retention, persistence and success.


Fiscal Responsibility

Los Medanos College strives to meet enrollment target goals in order to ensure fiscal stability and steward resources in a manner that serves the needs of the diverse population of our community.







Guiding Principles

adopted in 2012

I.  Central to the College Mission: CTE, Developmental and Transfer

  • Course, program, term and student
  • Innovative new courses and programs within the mission

II.  Student Centered

  • Student demand
  • Spread
  • Minimal conflicts

III.  Comprehensive Programs

  • Pittsburg and Brentwood
  • Keep electives to a minimum

IV.  Outcomes Oriented

  • Retention, success and persistence
  • Certificate/degree completion
  • Transfer/job placement

V.   Educational and Fiscal Integrity

  • Expired COORs, online supplements, pre-requisites, etc.
  • Productivity, multiple sections
  • Additional costs and services
  • Position college for grants, industry support, etc.
  • Outdated programs