Enrollment Management


2014 - 2015

  • Chair: Kevin Horan, Vice President Instruction & Student Services
  • CTE Faculty: Anthony Hailey, Administration of Justice
  • CTE Faculty: Len Price, Vocational Technology
  • Non-CTE Faculty: Durwynne Hsieh, Biological Sciences
  • Non-CTE Faculty: TBD
  • Counseling Faculty: Ginny Richards, DSPS&S Coordinator/Learning Disabilities Specialist
  • Developmental Education Committee: Christina Goff, Instructional Librarian
  • Distance Education Committee: TBD
  • Classified Senate: Imelda Lares, Admissions & Records
  • Classified Senate: Grace Villegas, Office of Instruction
  • Director of Marketing & Media Design: Barbara Cella
  • Sr. Dean, Student Services: Gail Newman
  • Dean, Liberal Arts: Nancy Ybarra
  • Dean, Math, Sciences & PE: A'kilah Moore
  • Dean, CTE & Social Sciences: Natalie Hannum
  • LMCAS Representative:TBD