Disabled Students Programs & Services

How to Apply for Services

New Students

If you are new to Los Medanos College and/or DSPS:

  1. Complete a DSPS Application for Services;
  2. Provide Verification of Disability;
  3. Your documentation will be reviewed after it is received;
  4. If you are eligible, DSPS will call you to make an appointment with a DSPS specialist to discuss services and accommodations.

Continuing Students

If you are a continuing student, you must meet with a DSPS counselor at least twice a semester to continue receiving services. If you want to request an additional service, schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Returning Students

If you are a student who has been away from Los Medanos College for a year or more, schedule an appointment with a DSPS specialist who will review your file. A new Student Educational Contract will be established if your documentation is current.

Registration Assistance

The DSPS Department offers workshops to those DSPS students who would like help with the registration process. The workshops are offered on a drop-in bases. Dates and location will be advertised.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Call DSPS if you have questions about applying or to schedule a meeting with a DSPS specialist or counselor. Generally, the counselors and specialists do not schedule their own appointments, so please call the DSPS Administrative Assistant at (925) 473-7471 or e-mail sbenzler@losmedanos.edu.


Application for services

Disability Verification/ Form